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The freedom of speech is Important to higher education because with it we are able to accept one's opinion and still have your own without silencing each other. Without it we cannot fully express ourselves or grow together as citizens of the United States of America. We live in a society where speaking too much on a topic could give you a bad reputation. If you disagree with the popular opinion you are considered a bigot. What happened to civilized debates amongst people. What happened to learn from a person's perspective and teaching them of yours. In the coming times, we will reach a point wherein college students will be afraid to speak the words that many people wouldn't dare speak regarding opinions. We would all just nod our heads and agree with our lips sealed, shut, even though we disagree full-heartedly. We wouldn't defend the brave who stand up for what's right because we would be too scared to lose our reputation in society. We'd rather filter ourselves and wear a mask of contentment just to receive more likes on a video or post than the day before. Censoring ourselves only leads to more destruction. We boast about how America is great because we have the first amendment but how often are we really allowed to use it.

Telling people to censor themselves will only bring about more protests. These protests would concern our right to speak which is something we shouldn't have to fight for because the people of our past have already won that battle. So many great leaders broke the barricades that were preventing them from receiving their god-given right to be free. Growing up we were groomed to always speak our mind no matter what but as we get more advanced in the school system that doesn't hold true. In schools, people come from different cultures and religions to learn in a welcoming environment but we are telling religious groups and cultures to keep who they are at home and wait till the bell rings to follow your beliefs. We are making them accept something that their holy leaders or families disagree with because one group needs EVERYBODY to love them. Just because those people may not agree with what a person is doesn't mean they hate them but if they tried to voice that they are hated. It's like a double edge sword if you speak against us you're a hater if you don't speak for us you're a coward. If we censor students in school our future leaders wouldn't be able to face reality. A reality in which there isn't always sunshine and rainbows. They would expect everything to go their way no matter what and everyone would love it. In school censorship impacts teachers too.

 A teacher has to constantly stick to a script when teaching. They can't fully get a child to feel enthusiastic about learning because it's the same way of teaching every grade level. How can something be age-appropriate or not when some students mature faster than others or some students may have more life experience than others. When we are assign writing pieces to test our writing level we can't show our complete capabilities, if we cannot relate or connect with a certain topic. We ignore those possibilities and continue to grade students on writing prompts that are suitable for the school community. We need prompts that will really make you reflect on the NOW and to really make a student express a thought with words In school libraries a typical student can't access all educational material because some works of literature are deemed inappropriate to some.

Doing so wouldn't address students' concerns about certain topics, satisfy their curiosity or prepare them for life. Some of the censored works are classics and would really allow a person to gain intelligence and a creative bone in their body. We censor TRUE history in schools because it isn't appropriate but we need history 100 unfiltered history so we can learn from our ancestor's mistakes. It would open up doors to new ideas, inventions and ways of thinking. The constitution was founded for a reason and it wasn't created just for it to be ignored or revoked several years later. School leaders should come together any really analyze the curriculum and determine what is best for the students and their futures. In conclusion censoring in schools and everywhere else is just devastating. We try to protect everyone from getting their individual feelings hurt but in the end, we end up causing more pain and destruction to our communities. If we continue to suppress controversial views or ideas we could never prepare ourselves to face a changing future.

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