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Literally every technical alpha playtest I've participated in with this game the new players and experienced the only thing they get out of it is how amazing the water looks The gameplay is trash and their progression system is trash The entire game is nothing but fetch quests with the odd go here kill this skeleton and bring his skull back to collect your reward Oh and the only enemy in the game thus far are skeletons that all look the same and use the same weapons and don t give you or reward you anything for killing them You will come across a lot of islands while sailing but don t waste your time exploring them You won't find anything Some will have skeletons on them Which don t award you with anything for killing them No drops no exp nothing The game is fun for the first couple hours until you realize just how little there is actually to do That's when you and your crew just start to mess with other players by interrupting their game by sinking their ships or stealing their treasure That's another thing the treasure is also a joke There's simply nothing worthwhile to spend it on You only unlock cosmetic items There is one weapon at the moment you can unlock and use which is the blunderbuss replacing your pistol It's alright but your pistol is still much better Also if you are a solo player or you are coming into this game thinking you are going to go it solo good luck As a solo player you are given a smaller ship 

The problem is that it's not faster than the other ships in the game The Galleons actually make ground on you if they are chasing you Your only advantage is being able to maneuver turn quicker So while your ship is taking on water because you took a cannon ball or two to the hull you ve got to get down there to do repairs leaving no one at the helm and the enemy is just going to obliterate you So now that I have covered the solo experience Let's talk about matchmaking and the multiplayer experience From the title menu you can select to be put into a random crew After the game finds a suitable crew you will be teleported onto the ship after the loading finishes There are no set roles for the crew Anyone can use any part of the ship that can be interacted with This can cause issues to arise when you find yourself in a crew with people who don't have a mic to communicate The game features a communication wheel with pre set messages but they are quite limited and oftentimes don’t fit what you need to convey across to your crew It's unclear or I just haven't figured it out how encounters with other players are handled within servers I have a feeling involves the islands When you are within a certain vicinity of an island I have found you have a chance of encountering another ship and crew I haven't came across another crew while out on the open seas To further support my suspicion when you are engaged with another crew if you take a look at your map you will find that the outposts where you turn in your treasure are not visible anymore I suspect this is because you are engaged with another player and must either get far enough away or sink them which will make you enter the open seas again Further elaboration on the islands present in the game At the moment the only purpose of these islands outside being a part of fetch quests when you have it activated is to find supplies 

You will find three items only Bananas healing item cannon balls wooden planks used for repairs These will be in barrels that are placed around certain locations on an island The progression system is simple Accept fetch quest fetch treasure return treasure for gold Do it over and over again and your level will increase with the said faction you have been questing for This however only unlocks the ability to fetch treasure worth more gold and at higher levels will unlock a cosmetic item This will ultimately be the downfall of the game Not only is the pve content boring and unrewarding it just doesn't feel worth it The PvP is the only fun thing to do and even that gets old pretty fast The rewards being only cosmetic items is a really poor system I understand they want it so no one has an advantage over others with equipment but this type of system won't appeal to hardcore gamers This game is for casuals gamers through and through Gamers that don't care about making progress in their games Gamers that just want to turn the game on and mess around for awhile The game has had so much potential Instead it's being washed down the drain to appeal to the casual market It would have been so much cooler if you could have spent your gold that you spent hours collecting and doing mindless fetch quests to upgrade your ship Upgrade the canons or add more weapons cannons Upgrade the sails the hull the helm storage etc Instead you are handed a bare bones pick up and play experience

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