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Summary of article Before November 3 2017 glaciers were melting The glaciers were melting in the Arctic and cold climate regions of the Earth Scientists were working on the glacier retreat to find the reason behind the melting of the glaciers their first hypothesis was towards climate change the scientists studied 37 glaciers Data showed that 36 out of the total 37 glaciers were melting due to the climat The test showed Earth's climate increasing as being the most likely cause The glaciers throughout the Arctic have been melting and the weather has been getting warmer Older test showed there was a 66 chance global warming and climate change was the cause for the melting Now The percentage has gone up and is leaving the scientist worried A glaciers coldness can change as a result of natural shifts or natural variability in the climate There are many reasons for natural variability One is EL Nino or a semi regular shift in the climate and happens when the ocean surface level warms up for a long time The glaciers melting happened because of climate change gathered by the data of scientists The group of scientist that studied the Glaciers of the arctic and cold climate regions discovered that all but one glacier melted for a reason due to climate change and global warming 

The mass amounts of glaciers melting can be a danger to humanity because glaciers hold 75 of Earth's Fresh water and could be a signal of incoming climate change Relation to Physical Science In physical science we have learned about heat and heat transfers and Physical Change all topics we talk about in class can be related to problems going on in our world today My article about glaciers melting due to climate change is related to change of state Change of State is how the physical form of a substance exists Examples of physical forms can be solid liquid gas or plasma My articles change of state has to do with a liquid solid and gas because the melting of glaciers are solids that melt into a liquid that evaporates into a gas The climate has been warm because of greenhouse gases affecting the atmosphere of the Earth The glaciers are melting and losing huge chunks of ice because of the heat change in the Arctic The sun melts off chunks of the glacier that falls into the water It then begins to melt or turn into a liquid from a solid The liquid then gets more heated and evaporates or turns into a gas All these points show how my Article is based off Change of State Reasons for choosing this Article I chose this article because It was published during 2017 January 9th which made the article current enough to write a report on because most of the details would be more fresh than an article from 2009 Also this article was easy for me to understand and be able to read without having to search up meanings for terms or words 

For example in the article when they discuss the reasons behind glaciers melting may be due to weather changes they talk about El Nino Instead of just saying the term and leaving the reader without knowledge of they give a brief and easy to understand example of what the term meant Another way the article was easy for me to read and understand is they had a list of Power Words or vocabulary words that are important to know when reading about news like this I thought this was very useful and smart because sometimes when i don t understand a word and i go to google the term I can get many different types of answers that I wouldn't be so sure to as which one is right or which one applies to what i am discussing But they made it simpliair by having the power words at the bottom so I wouldnt have that difficulty New vocabulary words El Nino Extended periods when the surface water around the equator in the eastern and central Pacific warms Scientists declare the arrival of an El Niño when that water warms by at least 0 4 degree Celsius 0 72 degree Fahrenheit above average for five or more months in a row El

Niños can bring heavy rainfall and flooding to the West Coast of South America Meanwhile Australia and Southeast Asia may face a drought and high risk of wildfires In North America scientists have linked the arrival of El Niños to unusual weather events including ice storms droughts and mudslides Geoscience Any of a number of sciences like geology or atmospheric science concerned with better understanding the planet People who work in this field are known as geoscientists Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change international group keeps tabs on the newest published research on climate and on how ecosystems are responding to it The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization jointly created the IPCC in 1988 Their aim was to provide the world with a clear scientific view on the current state of knowledge in climate change and its potential environmental and social impacts Visual Citation Sumner Thomas Feverish Climate Is Melting Glaciers Study Confirms Science News for Students American Geophysical Union Annual Fall Meeting 9 Jan 2017 www sciencenewsforstudents org article feverish climate melting glaciers study confirms

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