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INITIAL PLAN Hypothesis The heart rate will increase after exercising compares to the heart rate at rest Material Timer Heart rate application on the phone Pen and paper to record the measure Procedure to know what to do for the investigation Method Procedure 1 Record heart rate while sitting 2 Stand for 1 minute and record heart rate 3 Walk into the hallway in 1 minute record heart rate 4 Take one minute break 5 Walk up and down stairs in 1 minute record heart rate 6 Take two minutes breaks 7 Run up and down stairs in 1 minute and record heart rate 8 Record all data Safety hazards Ensuring that any individuals with identified health issue does not take part Ensuring that all the activities should not become complicated or challenging Ensuring that while doing exercise up and down stairs students should use handrail as needed IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION Results Heart Rate BPM Activity Sophie Zhen Marissa Kayla Glendon Sitting 71 83 93 69 88 Standing 85 96 96 87 96 Before Walking 72 85 106 72 98 After Walking 77 96 88 78 113 Before Jogging 83 92 94 75 98 After Jogging 117 130 110 89 144 Before Running 100 93 109 97 96 After Running 161 158 125 100 138 heart rate measured in bpm Observation Base on the data recorded that showing how the heart rate changes during exercise 

The heart rate can jump up to 160 BPM while doing exercise such as walking jogging or running In compare to the average heart rate while sitting or standing was 75 BMP and walking was 85 BPM While doing exercise the body felt hotter than usual breathing rate also change faster Depend on individual health issue the heart rate could be lower or higher than the normal heart rate Sometimes because the heart rate application on the phone does not work very well it took a while to record the heart rate Conclusion The heart rates increase while exercise it is fulfilling with the hypothesis that exercise affects the increasing of heart rate Discussion Heart rate is a number of the heart beats per minute Similar to heart rate is the pulse it is normally found in neck or wrists where the arteries throb rhythmically as blood is pushing through them The normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 BPM to 100 BPM per minute as stated by medicalnewstoday com MacGill 2017 Sometimes it s varied from person to person Basically the factors cause an increase in heart rate while doing exercise is because the heart has to pump up more blood to make more energy to move which causing the pulse increases faster In contrast the decrease in heart rate occurs after body takes four to five minutes for resting such as sitting or standing On the results that was recorded it demonstrates exactly with the factors cause increase or decrease of the heart rates 

When people are sitting the heart rates range from 69 bpm to 93 bpm it is a normal heart rate for adults As well as when people were standing the heart rates were increasing a little bit from 85 bpm to 96 bpm However as the data shows that the heart rates were normal before exercising but after doing exercise such as walking in the hallway jogging or running up and down stairs the it was immediately increasing For example as Zhen s data showing that before she did the running her heart rate was 93 bpm but after running it was jumped up to 158 bpm On the other hand people have low resting heart rate indicate a healthier heart because if people exercise a lot that can lower the heart rate from 20 to 30 bpm according to outsideonline com Beresini 2017 Exercising is time for heart to pump up blood around the body so if people frequently exercising it would train the heart pump more blood so that the heart would be in a good condition and do not need to work as hard to maintain the steady beats Overall the more exercising the more prevent the body from heart attack Evaluation

 All the result based on the practical experiments During the investigation it was a precious time to explore how the heart rates change in different exercise If there is anything that could improve the investigation it will be instead of putting the phone case on the phone better to take off the phone case before doing the heart rate record That way the experimental process could be more efficiently and more reliable Additionally although the procedure went through very well every member in the group followed all the instructions perfectly however the procedure should be include the recovering time The recovering time was very important for the experiment It should tell the students to double check their heart rates before doing the next exercise Make sure the heart rates return to normal and then record the results for the before exercising and after exercising

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