Essay Example on The Holocaust was an extreme time in history where millions of Jews were Killed









The Holocaust was an extreme time in history where millions of Jews were killed for the reason of them being Jewish It was a time of misery and pain and no one could help because no other outside countries knew what was happening Most people are against the Holocaust and dislike what Adolf Hitler did others agree with what he did and what he created He was a cruel abusive sinister man with no heart whatsoever The United States could have done more to help people suffering in Germany they would have saved many lives that were taken The Holocaust occurred in 1933 1945 and was an anti semitic persecution against the Jewish religion and a variety of other groups of people but mainly Jews Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany at the time and felt the German race was superior to anyone else He was a very powerful cold hearted man who had soldiers who worked for him called Nazi soldiers there were thousands of them These soldiers passed laws that persecuted people that were considered to be enemies of Germany such as homosexuals disabled political opponents and Roma and Sinti people The one group that was most hated was people of the Jewish religion Jewish property was destroyed such as synagogues businesses and homes were burned down and thousands were put into concentration camps where most either died of a sickness or were killed It was an awful period of time in history that will always be remembered taught and never forgotten 

The pain the Nazis caused for Jews was slow to heal Holocaust Hitler promised Germany a better life Hitler The United States was not able to help people suffering in Germany while it was going on because no other countries knew about it Even if there were outside people in other countries that knew what was going on they were too afraid to speak up because they were afraid of what Hitler would do to them There were also many Jews fleeing from Germany into the United States to escape the Nazis but there were so many of them that not all of them could make it because of the United States immigration policy at the time Many were out on a list and had to wait years until they were able to immigrate to the United States but by then it was too late and thousands had already been killed The number of Jewish immigrants who could enter the United States was limited United States If the United States knew what was going on the U S could have declared war earlier on Germany and gotten Hitler executed for his illegal acts sooner and all those millions of Jews would not have died Also we could have let more Jews come into the country than we did 

These people were literally being killed person by person day by day each day at least 6 000 Jews women children and men were being killed in the camps We could have saved a few hundred lives maybe more if we knew the actual reason for why so many Jews wanted to come all at once There were killing centers made by Nazi soldiers for mass murder Killing Centers The Holocaust has changed a lot in history and today because there has never been something as extreme as anti semitic and as deadly and murderous as the Holocaust It changed the way people treated each other as well as how it is not okay to discriminate against a certain group of people just because they are different People have learned from this and it has changed a lot in the world for the better Some people say the Holocaust did not exist which it complete nonsense because there is so much proof that it happened Some of the survivors live today and travel all over to share their story and experience in this dreadful time After all discrimination against a certain group of people should be off limits but people to this day still continue to persecute against people who are different than them As sad as it is to say it is the truth because people can not seem to understand that we are all human and all the same but special in our own ways and that is what separates us from everyone else

People discriminate against people for a variety of things such as their religion who they choose to love how they choose to live their race and a variety of other ridiculous things You would think that people have learned by now how bad discrimination is and what is has done to innocent people in our history but no some people have not grown up and never will because they are in their own little bubble The Holocaust was a horrible and awful thing in our history and it changed the lives of many Even though it happened it does not change the fact that discrimination still continues today 

The United States should have helped the victims if they knew the torture and agony many people were going through in Germany Since discrimination still goes on today there needs to be something done about it because it is not right and never has been We need to take a stand and fight against discrimination in our own lives People can protest against it and get it to end because it is not okay and never will be The Holocaust changed the lives of many caused so much pain and the lives of those who were victims of it will never be the same ever again

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