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Oxygen Hydrogen Carbon and Nitrogen They make up 99 4 of the human and with all trace elements included we are still only at 99 888042 Still 0 111958 shy of completion The Human Body Composition But these numbers only can explain the chemical makeup of a body We as people ourselves know more than chemistry is required to have someone be human For someone to truly be human they have to make their own decisions voluntarily Freewill makes up the mind of a human and allowed us to evolve into the apex predators of the planet We also show a complex set of feelings or thoughts making us able to communicate with others and express our mental state and thoughts Humans are fascinating creatures able to create and destroy on a whim of thought But to be human is to be independent in our actions and express everything in our mind Humans have been able to rise to the top of the food chain over the history of earth One way we've done this is by adapting a trait only us humans have which is free will Freewill by definition means the power of acting without the constraint of necessity This is one of the most defining characteristics that make up a human being allowing us to decide on things other than survival In Frankenstein Mary Shelley writes about the monster and gives him this free will to make him more human 

When the Creature speaks about what he'll do if Victor does not make him a companion he speaks if I cannot inspire love I will cause fear Shelly 173 By having the Creature decide what he will do if things don't go his way is to make him humanly and express how he has the power of choice The monster is able to make his own decisions and can act without the necessity of survival and insteads acts out of betrayal and hate Being able to think freely gives the monster the illusion of human esque and shows freewill is a major part of a person Freewill also comes with a cost of making choices that sometimes may not benefit us as a species People may make choices that put themselves and others in danger but that is the power of this adaptation The power of choice Humans are the only ones can consciously make decisions that are not determined by the physics and biology of our brains This ability give us the freedom to do things we could not otherwise do without it Freewill gives us the ability the freedom to choose with understanding Voss With no freewill we would act instinctively and not be able to express choice and emotions Humans also have the unique power of emotion by being able to communicate what is going on in our brains such as joy sorrow and anger

A huge emotion specific to humankind is revenge Vengeful urges and thoughts of revenge are basic human response related to trust Hall In the end of Frankenstein the Creature has killed Victor s wife of one day Elizabeth Victor then chases after the Creature for the rest of his life determined to kill his creation At one point he says in justifying his fury by speaking Again do I vow vengeance again do I devote thee miserable fein to torture and death Shelly 161 Victor s reaction is the way humans respond by perceived unfairness or broken trust Although revenge is never justifiable it is one of the most defining features of a human Another way we communicate is by hand and body gestures more specifically pointing Pointing is an action that humans evolved as a way to convey that attention should be drawn to the guestured direction In other words it seems to call on a sophisticated understanding of what is going on in the heads of other people Day When humans see a pointing finger they know they will see something interesting All they have to do is look in the direction of the pointing to communicate with the pointer No other creature in nature understand what humans mean by pointing Woodward 2 30 This allows us to communicate in a silent and intelligent way without uttering a sound Having the reasons in mind we know the meaning and definition of a person but still it doesn't entirely differentiate us from other species on earth Genetically we are different by the DNA inside of us What makes us humans is the unique factors of thinking freely and communicating our thoughts uniquely Human beings have a superiority over other beings on the earth due to the fact we have the power to use our individuality to our advantage and reach the highest level of success To be human isn t just having these things in accordance though As stated in the earliest paragraph we have found the compounds of everything within us but 0 111958 I believe what truly makes us human is that last percentage the soul People have a unique place in the universe due to the fact that we question everything We think about why we re here and what makes us us Without the soul we would lose this defining factor of ourselves and dissolve back into animalistic nature To be human is the ability to act freely and express opinions but it also means we have the essence of something bigger within ourselves

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