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The Hunger Games The ability to tell a story is a critical component in most films where viewers identify the narrative aspect as the most intriguing Through crucial examining of its content reader can identify elements that are significant in conveying certain messages These messages are communicated via the use of specific film techniques and devices All films deserve a closer look to identify both clear narrative and the hidden narrative The hunger games are divided into three parts namely the tributes the games and the victor It tells a story of a dystopian society that is ruled by an oppressive president Snow The president keeps the district separated and imposed severe class separation to discourage rebellion and discourage disunion among the citizens The Hunger Games tells of the journey of Katniss Everdeen who has to engage in a fight to the death game alongside other teenagers The movie centers around the main characters desire to challenge the president s oppressive regime and alter his rule Her character development her influence and action on the other aspects reveal her willingness to change the totalitarian government Husson 2016 Several types of meaning are derived from the movies These definitions are such as Referential meaning is the general meaning of the film The bravery of the protagonist of volunteering to take her sister s place to protect her and she emerges victorious Secondly the explicit meaning is where Katniss is faced with the reality that she has to win the hunger games not just for her sister but her entire family since she is the sole provider These are much other meaning can be derived from the story 

The Mocking Jay Pin The mocking jay pin appears several times in the movie although its meaning is not explicitly explained to the audience The mocking jay pin is a pin that is worn by Katniss for the period of the Hunger Game The Mocking Jay is a bird that stemmed from a heritable fortune where the Capitol hereditarily concocted blue jays to duplicate jabber jays The mocking jay lacks a backstory in the film instead the audience is left with an indirect indication of the bird s symbolic significance Collins 2008 The vendor gives Katniss the pin for free but looks at her with a concerned expression She then gives her sister the pin as a form of protection After she is chosen to take part in the hunger games Prim her sister returns the pin to her The pin comes back to the scene when Katniss stylish Cinna secretly pins it on her jacket The pin has significantly used a signal to let the other know that they are safe These various symbols of the mocking jay represent safety and protection The film doesn t express the full account of the pin as much as the novel although it shows it importance throughout Katniss's mocking jay pin like the bird itself represents a creature with its spirit Just as the creatures have broken away from the control of the capitol it suggests that the capitol can no longer force their power into the districts anymore The main character herself is a mocking jaybird The Tribute Parade Similarities and repetitions in the film serve as a critical principle in the development of the plot May the odds be ever in your favor is a phrase that is repeated several times in the film especially at the tribute parade The phrase first appears with Katniss and Gale in the woods It reappears during the reaping ceremony The tribute parade is where all the districts assemble to hear if they have been selected to take part in the hunger games

 During the tribute parade Cinna her stylist makes sure that she looks spectacular since a person's appearance at the hunger games had a very significant effect These advantages can be such as attracting fans or sponsors who could provide gifts during the hunger games Katniss ended up being one of the most notable among the group and became known as the girl who was on fire The hunger game triggers more than a single emotion and meaning Regardless of the audience love for the primary character desire to put herself in danger to save others The audience gets annoyed at how many times she puts herself at risk to protect others such as Peeta Due to her appearance at the tribute parade Katniss warms up from the massive amount of energy she gets from the audience Thanks to Cinna she can attract a certain amount of fans The film insists on the importance of appearance during the opening ceremony just for the sake of sanity However the events that surround the game underscores the importance of appearance and hence she has to fight through to survive the game Cinna on the other hand appearance differs from the of his contemporaries most people in the region follow outlandish fashion trends while Cinna was simple and very minimal revealing the difference Work Cited Collins S 2008 The Hunger Games Scholastic Press 25 54 Husson W 2016 Techniques for the Construction of Meaning and the Elicitation of Emotion in The Hunger Games An Analysis of Techniques and emotions 5 20 Simmons Amber M Class on fire Using the Hunger Games trilogy to encourage social action Journal of Adolescent Adult Literacy 56 1 2012 22 34 Simmons Amber M Class on fire Using the Hunger Games trilogy to encourage social action Journal of Adolescent Adult Literacy 56 1 2012 22 34

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