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Enoch Zhang Mr Johnson CCF 2 12 January 2018 The Journey of a Man who strived for Change When a person say they are from the United States of America they will be proud that they are from a county of Freedom in all aspects but would it really be that way if it wasn t for Martian Luther King Jr King was an amazing leader who led the United States of America to a county of freedom for all He lived through the tough times of racism and fought for change against it because he knew it was wrong Martian Luther is one who had an amazing life a magnificent story about being a leader through tough times and a great deal of things he change for the better in the USA Let me set the stage the year is 1929 and a new born baby was introduced a racists county and took the name Martian Luther King Jr He had two amazing parents named Michael King Sr and Alberta Williams King who raised him very well He was a middle child and entered elementary school when he was 5 years old At the age of 12 his grandmother died and he was traumatized because he wasn t there to be with her in her last breaths because he wanted to go to a parade He then attempted suicide by jumping out of a window of a two story but survived He continued school and was a very successful student He skipped 9th and 11th grade and went to college when he was 15 He was very popular mostly among girls 

He went through the first two years not really caring He didn t really care about the faith that their parents held so costly to their heart and this really traumatized his father who was a pastor at a small local church But Martian took a Bible into class one day and renewed his faith and told his dad his final decision He then went to seminary school and got his degree there where he met an amazing women named Coretta Scott and they got married in June of 1953 and earned a PH D in 1955 when he was only 25 Luther s story as a leader through a tough time was not easy This first incident that happened during his time was a 15 year girl who didn t want to give her seat to a white man on March 2 1955 She later got in huge trouble and was revealed that she was pregnant This led people to get really mad over this incident Later in the same year on December 1 a very famous incident happened to Rosa Parks and this really set people off because she only got a thirty minute hearing and she was fined as guilty King was set to lead a boycott because he was a young man with solid family connections and he gave this speech We have no alternative but to protest For many years we have shown an amazing patience We have sometimes given our white brothers the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated But we come here tonight to be saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice

This speech was very powerful and this was the beginning of Martin Luther s leadership After this Martin Luther had a long chain of inspiring people and it all came down to I have a dream speech We have all come to know and love this speech and it really changed the hearts of a lot of people He had a long chain of speeches but it all ended on April 4 1968 when he was assassinated Martin Luther King Jr was truly a person to be remembered and what he did for our country was amazing If it wasn t for him we wouldn t be like how we are today Just to list a few the biggest things he did was he was a nonviolent leader in the Memphis sanitation worker strike and helped accomplish a lot in that aspect He also was the leader for the Bus Boycott which resulted in the laws on racial seats being lifted He also did the I have a dream speech which is one of the most remembered speeches of all time He was also one who helped seal the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC in 1957 which supported the Civil Rights movement which they believed it should be a nonviolent philosophy All in all Martin Luther King Jr is one to be remember for his accomplishments Martin Luther King Jr is a man who is guided by his stride to do the right thing and he did not let physical fears stop him from doing what he knew was right The result of this was a man who sacrificed his own life to help everyone who was not white live a life that was equal for all Martian Luther had a great childhood a story of being a leader that one should reflect on and a very noble list of accomplishment that will always be a part of society today Works Cited Martin Luther King Jr Biography com The Biography com website

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