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George RR Martin was once a squire but now rules the literary realm George may never have strayed far from home but his imagination had no limits He had several different jobs before he decided to be a full fledged writer George said this quote late in his career There were many times when I was afraid I would never sell another book but I never doubted that I d write another book According to www youtube com George R R Martin once said At a young age I was involved at a Catholic church but wasn't a firm believer Sometime in college I stopped attending church and all I knew is that an invisible being in the sky had made all these laws I thought why would any smart person believe in this According to www georgerrmartin com George RR Martin was born on September 20 1948 in Bayonne New Jersey His father Raymond Collins Martin was a longshoreman and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin He was the oldest of three children 

His sisters were Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten He watched suspenseful television shows as a child like Thriller and The Twilight Zone which in his later life used the suspense of the shows as examples when it came to writing his books He had a love of writing early on which led to him selling monster stories and dramatic reading to other kids for just pennies In 1970 George got his B S in Journalism from Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois and got his M S in 1971 He worked with VISTA Volunteers In Service To America in 1972 1974 It was in company with Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation He directed chess tournaments for the Continental Chess Assistance Foundation He used to play chess in high school and writes his books like a chess game He was a Journalism instructor at Clarke College in 1976 1978 Meanwhile during this time in 1977 George published his first novel Dying of the Light He was married to Gale Burnick in 1975 but divorced in 1979 He was a full time writer soon after He once lived in Hollywood and was involved in a couple of movies like Beauty and the Beast and Doorways According to www biography com he has been compared to J R R Tolkien but his work is a grittier earthier type of fantasy fiction George R R Martin has very unique plot twists that insists of using situational irony as its foundation In 2005 Lev Grossman called George R R Martin The American Tolkien and in 2011 he was considered one of the 100 influential people in the world The Game of Thrones series on HBO does a very good job at personifying his books and also gives his fans an example of what it is like in Westeros He published his first installment of the

A Song of Ice and Fire series in 1996 He became the best selling author in 2005 and once again in 2011 with books A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons Something else happened in 2011 that made him a very happy man his marriage to Parris MCBride According to www washingtonpost com he said that the last two books in the series will both be 1 500 manuscript pages or about 1 150 paperback pages He has another book coming out that is going to be titled The Winds of Winter in a few years George RR Martin has a net worth of 65 million dollars He became worth this much with his acclaimed works in both his early and later career He influences many young people and adults to continue reading fantasy books According to www theguardian com George RR Martin was influenced by a man named Tad Williams If George had never met Tad then there would be no Game of Thrones The first time that they ever met each other George told Tad to get back to his office and finish his next book According to gameofthrones wikia com there is a whole ton of religion being involved in the Game of Thrones Known World across the three continents of Westeros Essos and Sothoryos The first religion was The Old Gods of the Forest which was eventually pushed back by the Faith of the Seven The people of the North and those beyond the wall only believe in the Old Gods anymore The Faith of the Seven was introduced during the Andal Invasion and it is a single deity with seven aspects or faces The Drowned God is only for the inhabitants of the Iron Islands They are known for their maritime skills and pirate likeness Essos is full of many different religions and has several cults also 

The Lord of Light is considered the one true god and he struggles against darkness The Bearded Priests of Norvos is an order of warrior priests who rule the Free City of Norvos as a theocracy The Black Goat of Qohor is the god who requires daily blood sacrifices One of the cults in Essos believe in The Many Faced God of Death and the worshippers are known as the Faceless Men The only main religion in Sothoryos is the Summer Island religions which the Summer Islanders consider sex to be a holy and life affirming act that honors their gods George RR Martin was inspired by the medieval Catholic Church to make some of these religions with a fantasy twist In conclusion George RR Martin was a fantastic writer He received ideas from everywhere to write his famous book series A Song of Fire and Ice He was inspired by others to write his books Religion plays a big part in his books and in his own life when it comes to decisions George RR Martin has an unstoppable imagination Who knows what it will come up with in the near future

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