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The models and theories to clarify the dynamic connection amongst politicians and journalists have pulled in interest since the utilization of propaganda progressively after World War One to convert public for various purposes by the politicians The ascent of ideological developments in the Second World War and in Europe and in addition the ascent of the other media for example TV and radio expanded the interest of researchers to the journalists and politicians connection and its suggestion on the judgment of the public As Lippmann 1922 29 properly watches the world that we need to manage politically is distant out of mind and out of the picture Truth is told more often than not we confront a world with which we don t have coordinate knowledge or understanding Journalists in the media have helped people connect the globe which is unavoidably developed by some particular news frames which are chosen under various inspirations amid predictable predispositions McQuail 2005 36 As we don t have open door for independent approval of data for the vast majority of the occasions public definitely depends on the media and the opinion of journalists every now and again Van Gorp 2005 484 Now the media do not work as a completely autonomous actor 

They have a give and take reciprocal relationship with governments and politicians which positively impacts the running of the news and the data the public receives Scholars of mass correspondence have created distinctive models and speculations to clarify this dynamic connection and its penalties on the data the public gets Communication scholars for the most part have alluded the concept of propaganda model cascade model indexing approach and hegemony to clarify the connection amongst journalists and politicians Journalists have been the transcendent and major source of political data for nationals in a society that is democratic Some may say that they have a massive impact both on politicians and individuals since they are now and again known for molding public feeling and opinion and its role turns out to be more authoritative particularly throughout elections when political parties are delicate as far as how the journalists and the media show themselves to the public Ideally journalists must satisfy the political task by dispersing the full scope of political opinions permitting the general population to settle on political decisions and enter the national life Normally in democratic societies for example the media is a correspondence channel which guarantees the trading of opinions both in the overall population and in power political parties do not put coordinate pressure or weight on the media however this varies on the nation In nations that are liberal democratic it advises the public and goes about as a guard dog of the government 

On the other hand journalists should make the political scheme more straightforward and transparent by helping individuals take part in political choices understanding how the government operates and so on Fatefully in practice more often than not the media and some journalists play diverse roles It stimulated transparency and does not serve the political values or esteems that rouse the transparency covers up essential data in a mass of produced political realities and substances Despite the fact that the political transparency and straightforwardness is unthinkable without coverage of the journalists and the media Politicians even governments can control the scope and coverage of data to accomplish their political and conservative objectives through diverting audience attention Politicians try to strengthen the flow of their preferred frames on the media and reach out to the public in order to stand out enough to be noticed and support Kriesi 2004 46 This procedure obliges utilizing some prearranged attempts in favor of governments since they can't rely on having the capacity to simply instrumentalise the media However the media do not really focus on the substantive part of the messages provided by authorities however they make an effort to show their freedom and independence by concentrating on the personal and social parts of the political contest and on the strategic intentions of the political actors McQuail 2005 192 

The media associations utilize their authority that originates from the choice and selection of news gatekeeping confining of the content of news In this sense journalists do not only supply data however also may end up as independent actors in the political procedure In this procedure the connection of the politicians and journalists can be measured in terms of power battle to impact the agenda and make their own frames part of the story with an end goal to influence has an impact on public opinion McCombs 2004 12 For these particular reasons governments look to convey strategies and methods to impart their messages as opposed to anticipate that their messages will be just instrumentalized by the media Based on this news administrations can be portrayed as the strategic attempts of government to impact media plan and frames which thusly give government the advantage as far as public opinion Kohut 2007 191 Political actors include the establishment circulation and control of the data in ways that help sustain government cause for a desired impact on public opinion There are various procedures and methods followed by governments for this specific principle The accomplishment of these methods and strategies relies upon national context context of the issue individual setting and application of news administration skillfully considering these diverse factors at work Entman 2007 170

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