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The most important role of a teacher is to guide students to academic success For any teacher to succeed is depended upon his or her knowledge and skills The part of every teacher’s knowledge and skills is dependent upon his or her training It is the responsibility of every school district administration and instructional staff to sustain and continue professional growth towards effective instruction Teachers today need professional development PD to be effective in their profession Today s PD is about differentiated instruction Differentiated instruction is basically about meeting the different learning needs of students today School leaders are aware that not all students learn the same way They need to guide and provide teachers with different strategies to help students reach academic success Through differentiated instruction teachers can provide a delicate balance that stimulates and engages all students of intellectual levels A curriculum must be designed using a variety of grouping strategies tiered projects and modifying outcomes and product expectations I want to remind each of you our school's mission and vision Mission ABC School is committed to provide a safe and healthy learning environment that establishes a challenging and rigorous instruction for student to master the standards and prepare them for the complexities of the 21st century Vision ABC School will provide a supportive learning environment in collaboration with parents students and the community that encourages and expects academic success personal growth and responsible and contributing citizens of our changing and global society 

Like stated above I am committed in providing you the best tools and resources for differentiated instruction so that you may implement successfully in your classroom In today s PD the following are the goals that I wish to be accomplished by the time you leave this training Goal 1 To make sure that you leave this training feeling EQUIPPED on how to differentiate instruction in your classroom This will be done by us working collaboratively in groups sharing out different thoughts and ideas Goal 2 To make sure that you are ENGAGED during this training I will take this opportunity to interact with each of you and that you each interact with each other to share ideas and learn from each other This way the training will not feel like a lecture Goal 3 To make sure that you are ready tomorrow when step into your classrooms and ENFORCE the strategies that you have learned today Teachers will be given a handout to answer the following questions on what they know what differentiated instruction Independently answer the questions on your Initial Thoughts Handout What is differentiated instruction How do teachers differentiate instruction How do teachers prepare their students and their classrooms for differentiated instruction What does differentiated instruction look like in the classroom Session 2 Statements about Differentiated Instruction 1 Differentiated instruction DI is an approach whereby teachers adjust their curriculum and instruction to maximize the learning of all students 2 Carol Ann Tomlinson is a key researcher and advocate for DI 3 A teacher gradually shifts into providing a DI classroom environment 4 The three main elements of instruction in a differentiated classroom are content process and product 5 The principles of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping are key for DI 6 When teachers employ DI they need to communicate with parents and students how their instruction may differ from traditional methods 7

A teacher using DI will consider students readiness levels interests and learning profiles helpful 8 DI can enable a teacher to simultaneously meet the different learning needs of every student those who struggle and those who do not 9 Teachers who use DI are able to assess grade accurately and fairly those students who perform at varying levels of proficiency 10 In a differentiated classroom the organization and structure of the physical and social space of the classroom makes a difference to the teacher and students Successful Ways of Differentiated Instruction In order to assist students reach their fullest potential one must differentiate their instruction What does differentiated learning look like in a classroom Usage of technology using technology allows students to manipulate the content being taught in the form on technology Not all students respond to lecturing Also as society evolves more around technology so does our students Manipulatives allocating students to use hands on objects and activities that engages them to learn Providing alternative resources it is imperative to provide students with materials that they can understand A prime example of this would be providing a proper comprehension sheet for a student specific reading level Group Activity Teachers will join a group according to the color card they each received There will be a total of 4 groups of 4 Each group will do the following Familiarize yourselves with the content of your assigned Perspective Resource page Develop a 5 8 minute lesson to teach that content to your Home Group using one of the following types of visuals o Hand created o Module provided o Digitally created Each group will go over the information and teach the other groups what they learned Each group will present in this order o Page 4 Differentiate Instructional Elements on Page 5 Differentiate Content on Page 6 Differentiate Process o Page 7 Differentiate Product o Page 8 Evaluate and Grade Student Performance In your group create TWO graphic organizers that represent the key ideas from these pages Use chart paper and markers and display your graphic organizers around the room Walk around the room and view the other groups graphic organizers Complete End of the Course Survey

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