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Within Image 3 the medium that was used to create this poster is digitally through a computer application software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator The subjects within the poster show two figures that are placed on opposite side of the image The first character on the left is a boy who is shown in a full profile view Within the background of the first figure shows a city like scene To the right the second character is a girl who is shown in full profile view Within the background of her it consists of a lush scenery The title and subtexts are displayed in the center of the image The date of the movie release is in a serif font and is placed near the bottom of the poster Regarding the genre of this movie poster I think it is an animated romantic drama film In Image 3 elements such as colour balance emphasis and placement are used to illustrate the image theme of calmness and harmony The movie poster has shown great use of colour that the viewer can identify Analogous colours and cool tones were used to create a light and harmonious mood The hues of green and blues create a strong visual emphasis and interest in the image The dark color is used at the top of the poster 

As you move down the poster the dark blue slowly transitions into a lighter blue The green landscape behind the figure to the right gives the overall image a light mood Both the colour blue and green gives the image an impression of calmness yet it also creates a soothing tone The colour white and black is also used in the image The colour white is shown in the figure shirts clouds and the text The colour black is used primarily on the two figures bottom clothing The white clouds are placed on the right and left the side of the image One cloud is situated at the top left of the poster the second cloud is set at the left of the poster Another cloud fills the far right of the frame around one fourth of the image The colour white creates a sense of light and goodness The movement of the clouds gives the poster variety and harmony There is a line of blue and pink that starts from the top of the poster and curves down to both left and right of the image creates unity and help create motion The poster has also shown a small use of complementary colours of the colour red and green Such example is the green tie on the figure to the left compliments with the red ribbon on the character to the right of the image Both the colour green and red makes the image appear brighter and gives a neutral effect A sense of equilibrium is created in this image by using symmetrical balance

By dividing the image in half both sides consist almost the same complementary objects the characters and the background There are two figures in this poster both of each character are standing on the left and right side of the image The figure on the left is a young boy and the figure on the right is a young girl They are placed on each side of the image the boy is placed on the left and a girl is set to the right Their poses are symmetrical as they are turned slightly away from each other and the posture of their legs shares an exact resemblance Their hair and clothing seem to suggest movement as if they are being blown gently by the wind The texts that are placed on the poster are organized in such a way that makes the whole image feel balanced and harmonious Such example is how the headline of the text is placed one third near the top of the image The subheads are set on top and below the title at the center and near the bottom of the image All of the texts are centered justified which gives the whole image a sense of balance and organization Emphasis is another critical element that was used in this image The white star that is located in the lower center of the image creates a sense of visual interest towards the viewer 

The faded pink outline of the star help exemplifies the focal point of the poster The image is centered so there is a significant amount of organization and space The placement of the clouds the subjects hair and their clothes create a sense of motion and calmness To the figure on the right her hair is lifted up and moved along the wind Both of the figure clothing seem to create movement The clouds that take up around two thirds of the image help emphasize or subordinate the bright star at the center and the two figures in the image The placement of the title and the subtexts are centered They are placed at an equal distance from the left and the right axis of the poster In Image 3 various elements of art are used to convey a sense of calmness and harmony Colours ranging from analogous and complementary colors are used within the poster The element of colour is also used to create various emotions such as calm and goodness Symmetrical balance is used since both sides of the poster consist almost the same complementary objects The star in the center of the poster creates a focal point and strong emphasis The placement of the objects throughout the poster creates a sense of organization and space

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