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The novel that I am doing for my book report is The Maze Runner written by James Dashner Mr Dashner is an American writer who mainly writes fiction for young adults He was born in Georgia but currently resides in Utah with wife and four children Before Mr Dashner started writing full time he earned his degree in accounting and worked in the field of finance for several years Mr Dashner has written many series of novels but is best known for his series the Maze Runner He has won several awards and honors At the beginning of The Maze Runner there is a teenager named Thomas who wakes up in a dark metal box with none of his memory Finally the box starts to move up and Thomas gets scared frightened and cold He started to yell for help because he did not know what was happening and he felt like hours turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours While going up in the box the box stopped and Thomas began to see light When the box opened it opened to a place called The Glade When the box was fully opened a lot of people that made a crowd started to gather around the box When Thomas gets out of the box he steps into the The Glade One of the people that lives in the Glade named Alby tells Thomas all about

The Glade He tells Thomas how they live there and also how the maze s doors close at night and creatures come out at night during the night On Thomas s second day in The Glade he meets this boy named Chuck and they became friends Thomas is asking Chuck a ton of questions when they both hear a loud scream from a building Thomas goes in the building and heads upstairs to see what is happening He figures out that one of the maze runners Ben got stung by a Griever which is a horrifying creature When Thomas finds out that runners run into the maze and try to find a way out Thomas wants to become a runner Thomas becomes a runner and starts to run in the maze In the middle of the story a new person comes up into the box but everyone was amazed when they find out it is a girl because she is the first girl to be in The Glade When she wakes up says Thomas and people were confused and looked at Thomas wondering if the girl and Thomas had any connections The next morning Alby and Minho an Asian teenager go into the maze to look at a dead Griever The griever pretends to be dead and stings Alby At dawn the main maze door starts to close but Alby and Minho are still in the maze Thomas breaks a rule by going into the maze when he is not suppose to just to help his friends When he gets in the maze Minho runs one way while Thomas helps Alby hide in some ivy Grievers start to come and

Thomas has Grievers surround him when he starts run away from them While running Thomas meets up with Minho and they head to The Cliff When they get there Grievers are running towards them Thomas and Minho jump out of the way so the Grievers fall off The Cliff Alby Minho and Thomas are the first people to survive a night in the maze Minho and Thomas get Alby back to The Glade and they give Alby the antidote At the end of the story Thomas meets up with the girl He talks with her and somehow speaks in her head Thomas learns that the girl's name is Teresa Teresa tells Thomas that she telepathically triggered the Ending which is something bad that happens when the Maze doors don't close After Teresa is fully covered she rushes to Thomas to form a bond After forming a bond with Teresa Thomas and Teresa realize that they must have known each other from before they came to the maze While the doors are not closing Grievers are killing the people who live in The Glade one by one Teresa figures out a code to the Maze Thomas lets himself get stung by a Griever so he can remember his past life Thomas also figures out that the only way out of the Maze is the Griever Hole When getting out of the hole they are greeted with someone who works for WICKED and Gally While inside Gally throws a knife at Thomas but Chuck steps in front of Thomas Gally kills Chuck not Thomas After Thomas goes after Gally then his friends pull him away A rescue team comes and kills all the WICKED members and rescues the remaining survivors from The Glade

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