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The NRA is a true grass roots organization and the collective power of its membership is simply unparalleled This quote from Senator Thom Tillis shows the power and influence that the National Rifle Association has in America The NRA founded in 1871 is a special interest group that advocates for American citizens gun rights The NRA In the last 50 years the NRA has been focusing their efforts on political issues and creating coalitions with important political figures Also since 1975 the NRA has been influencing legislation about gun control and gun rights Musa Due to this the NRA has become one of three most prominent and persuasive lobbying groups in Washington D C The NRA has roots in all of the systems of governments due to there large power and influence The NRA primary issue that they deal with is gun rights They oppose any legislation that creates more gun control and goes against the second bill of rights Recently they have been dealing with issues such as ammunition background checks and the classification of assault weapons In general the NRA is adamant in ensuring that any laws legislation against guns is stopped They repeatedly lobby supporting the idea that guns make the country safer They can be this successful because they have around close to 5 million supporters after the Sandy Hook shooting 

Also it is extremely easy to join the NRA All one needs to do is pay a small monthly payment and that's it Rosenfeld The NRA can persuade legislation so much due to its enormous budget of 250 million per year The NRA spends around 3 million specifically on lobbying Caldwell The money that the NRA uses allows their political party candidate to use for advertising and campaigning and helps both the parties and the organizations ideas The NRA also has its own super PAC which allows the organization to run its own campaign if it wanted to Kelly Due to this budget they can influence pretty much anything they have an issue with making it one of the most successful lobbying groups The NRA's political ideology is politically libertarian due to it advocating for civil rights appointed to the people of America However they are most famous for being a conservative right wing organization The party that the NRA associates itself with is often the republican party Its history has shown that the NRA gives more money and support to the Republican party over the democrat party since both share the pro gun belief However the NRA also gives money to both parties to ensure that regardless of whichever party gets elected president they will have support nonetheless The NRA sometimes targeted the executive branch especially former president Obama Musa However the NRA focuses mainly on impacting the legislative branch by lobbying and getting the support of smaller committees within 

The NRA publicly endorses its candidate to help them gain more name recognition and to help them win For example in the 2012 presidential election the executive director of the NRA Chris Cox said on behalf of the four million men and women of the National Rifle Association representing tens of millions of NRA supporters it is my honor to announce the NRA s endorsement of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Musa Since the NRA is so powerful and big public endorsements like this can help a lot The overall assessment of the NRA is that they are an extremely powerful and successful organization The second law still exists even though millions of people hate even the idea of it They can do this due to their huge budget and because of the size of their organization The NRA in the past ten years has won 230 state legislative battles Since 2003 an average of 4 8 NRA approved laws were passed in each state One of the most successful laws that the NRA has passed is the 12 castle doctrine laws which allow a person to use any means necessary if a criminal break into one's property Hickey The NRA has a lot of controversy regarding it due to many individuals stance on guns however since they advocate for civil rights and the sheer power they have they remain as one of the biggest special interest groups The NRA has been part of and impacted America s culture from the late 1800 s This organization has grown in both size and net worth which allows this interest group to affect both the government and the people Since the right to bear arms is an extremely controversial amendment the NRA has been exploiting the constitution and allowing the amendment to be still enacted even though it isn t as necessary anymore The NRA is one of the most successful and influential special interest groups in America and this is because of the sheer money and number that they have The house of Congress is often biased towards their cause due to the lobbying and the money thus making them an extremely prominent figure in our political debate

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