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Knowing how to motivate employees and what motivates each of them is critical for an organization's ability to get results and avoid negative consequences Frey 2002 Psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed that all people seek to satisfy five basic kinds of needs physiological safety belongingness esteem and self actualization Figure 1 In order to get the most out of the team managers of the business organisation should not only help employees understand the meaning of their roles but also support them in other aspects of their lives outside the work It is important to listen to employees ask questions of them say Good Morning to them ask about their families and get to know a little bit about their aspirations ambitions home life and work motivations Elwell nd To strengthen relationships between employees team building activities could be recommended to increase morale A happy team member automatically communicates that feeling to the guests Bardi 2007 Nevertheless the Maslow's theory cannot be separated from Herzberg's Motivation Hygiene Theory also known as the two facor theory and Dual factor theory which states that certain factors in the workplace cause job satisfaction such as recognition and challenging work while absence of separate factors cause dissatisfaction for instance status job security and salary Figure 

2 In order to enhance employees beyond simply meeting a daily or weekly quota management must enrich the actual work they ask them to do by highlighting their importance and preventing job dissatisfaction For example incentives such as gift vouchers or certificates of appreciation such as employee of the month award will not only motivate empowered employees to deliver unsurpassed guest service using their skills and abilities but also create a positive attitude in the workplace Ford et al 2012 p 492 Though it is necessary do not to forget that all employees are different and what motivates one person may not motivate another Kleynhans et al 2006 p 5 Customer satisfaction is vitally important to each hospitality establishment because it helps businesses to measure the performance and quality delivered to the customer as well as to find out areas of improvements for the future Lu et al 2015 It is a key in building a long and profitable relationships with the guests which lead to loyalty Hudson and Hudson 2013 However in today's world of intensive competition it is difficult to maintain the capability of delivering a high qualitative service and exceeding customers expectations due to the growth of their demands and difference of perceptions WTTC 2017 That is why according to Saleem et al 2011 each business organisation has to be aware of them in order to always keep it on the high level thereby enhancing business and profit These include staff service hotel Image guest room facilities location of the hotel staff knowledge and skills Chompupor and Ghuangpeng nd However as customer satisfaction has been examined from various perspectives one of which is service quality Parasuraman et al 1988 30 31 in Jones 2008 integrated mentioned factors and developed a tool that measures the gap between customer expectations and experience as well as improve service quality which is called SERVQUAL Consisting of five major dimensions such as reliability responsiveness empathy assurance and tangibles 

SERVQUAL model ensure service quality and raise customer satisfaction Jones 2008 Quality is far and away the chief factor in competitiveness Sharp 2012 Various experimental investigations demonstrate a solid and certain relationship between the employee satisfaction and guest satisfaction e g Band 1988 George 1990 Reynierse Harker 1992 Schmit Allscheid 1995 Schneider Bowen 1985 Schneider White Paul 1998 Schneider Ashworth Ulrich Halbrook Meder Stuchlik Thorpe 1991 Wiley 1991 Some of the studies such as Brooks reviews 2000 have also provided with direct measures of positive changes in customer satisfaction stating that the relationship between employee attitudes and customer related variables leaded to between 40 and 80 percent of overall guest satisfaction Bulgarella 2005 Moreover similarly to it Vilares and Cohelo 2000 found out that perceived employee satisfaction perceived employee loyalty and perceived employee commitment had a sizable impact on perceived product quality and on perceived service quality Figure 3 Bulgarella 2005 The relationship between employee and customer satisfaction became the topic for further discussions and investigations proving the strong connection between both having a change in business profit sales and loyalty at any point of time Harter Schmidt and Hayes 2002 Berhardt Donthu and Kennett 2000 Furthermore the greater the employee's job satisfaction the higher the level of customer s perceived service quality Campbell 2017 p 228 Concluding the majority of the findings there are several factors explaining how and why employee satisfaction affects the customer satisfaction Bulgarella 2005 Satisfied employees are willing to work more doing their best and delivering a high level of service even at a very minimum Satisfied employees tend to be more motivated and empowered easily handling pressure and guests complaints They are willing to learn and acquire new knowledge attending trainings and participating in various types of activities Satisfied employees are more interactive with customers developing awareness and responding to their goals and needs meeting and exceeding the set expectations

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