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The Perry Scheme An Analysis of Development Growing up is never easy Becoming the person that we are destined to become is something that takes time effort and dedication and no stage of maturation should ever be ignored or undermined These stages are specifically chronicled in what is referred to as The Perry Scheme and there are identifiable chronological levels to each phase of our own growth and development Dualism Multiplicity Contextual Relativism and Commitment within Relativism In Professor Rogers Trial in For Argument s Sake three students named Donald Anthony and Silvie are assigned to work together on a case where their levels of maturity are consistently tested and through application of The Perry Scheme we can actually track where each of these characters are at in their developmental journey For instance Donald is the character probably at the lowest level in this process His inattention and lack of initiative compared to his fellow classmates is evident especially when it comes time to present and he is able to add very little to the discussion blanketly reading a transcript and taking up a meager amount of time Because of these traits Donald would be unequivocally ranked at being in the beginning Duality Stage 

This first stage is namely characterized by seeing the world in a less contextualized setting meaning that one see things as over simplified or black and white Specifically he or she may see only two sides to every story and their immaturity may lead to limitations in his or her ability to function within a group Donald exemplifies this lack of growth perfectly in his habitual inattention low energy and commitment Compared to Anthony and Silvie it is fair to say that the character of Donald has a lot of growing up to do but that doesn t necessarily mean the same isn t true for the other two characters as well Anthony for instance is also someone who would be best identified as someone in the starting stages of Duality Throughout the project Anthony demands leadership and compliance even at the expense of his cohorts especially Silvie but we ll get back to that and it quickly becomes clear that while Anthony has a lot of initiative and extroverted tendencies he isn t really all that much further along than Donald Because Anthony has this persistent need for absolute control and doesn t allow for a sharing of power or for the opening of legitimate and conducive dialogue it is clear that he falls short of someone in the subsequent Multiplicity stage Anthony s taking over of the project s plans and domination of the group presentation illustrates that just like Donald he is limiting his perception and thus limiting his development as well The final group member is then Silvie who falls one level above her male classmates in the Multiplicity stage of

The Perry Scheme With this stage being characterized by a more opened mind and less dualistic way of thinking Silvie exemplifies this level of the scheme in that she is able to identify the shades of grey present in the case and unlike Donald or Anthony she is also able to properly listen and respond to her team members Even when Anthony tries to dominate the project over and over again Silvie only ever responds with reasonable argumentation bringing in the attention of a superordinate professor or unaffected poise in her own presentation abilities These traits actions and responses are what make Silvie someone who undeniably falls under the Multiplicity stage of development Ultimately the conflicting stages of development in each of these students is why they ended up falling short in their assignment but beyond that in examining them we can introspectively learn something about ourselves I for instance can look at Anthony Donald and Silvie and know that I am more mature than probably any of them a statement that leads me to then believe that maybe I m more grown that I d thought It s hard to look at our own views and actions objectively but suddenly when dealing with other fictionalized people the process becomes easy and all that s left to do is compare our analysis of others with ourselves 

I know that I m not in the Duality stage in The Perry Scheme because unlike Donald or Anthony I don t confine my views to one side or the other and I can confidently say that I do not ever relinquish control Donald nor do I demand it entirely Anthony Unlike Silvie though I would also say that I could probably handle the situation better I ve worked in apathetic groups before and all it takes to succeed is a developed perception of the grey areas in life a sense of your own skills and identity and a knowledge of the resources at our disposal to get the work done and effectively manage team efforts Based on this I would say that I fall under the Contextual Relativism stage meaning that I do still have one level left to go before I am fully developed and matured but I accept that As I stated before maturity in learning is a long process that takes time effort and dedication The Perry Scheme can t show us the way to growth it can only help us track where we are in our process but in knowing our level and in realistically evaluating our strengths and weaknesses of character we can work to advance ourselves further in becoming the person we were meant to become

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