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The planet Saturn or Shani is one of the maximum powerful presence within the horoscope chart which brings electricity and dominance at the side of the hurdles problems inside the course The arrival of Saturn in eleventh residence might bestow the native with top social presence and appropriate family members around and high aspirations to the character The natives of this placement of Saturn in eleventh residence might carry high hopes and goals and might be virtually decided and devoted in their course They might supply all of the required enterprise of their walk and might fight with obstacles for which even supposing their path could stay quiet harsh but they will attain exact heights of professional and social area and might reap top affluence role Their high staying power patience in addition strengthens their path The humans born with Saturn in 11th house might bring top relationships round as they would broaden bonds with many inside the social area but their intimate close relationships might handiest be few although they might own severa buddies round They could be truly friendly and might be capable of merge with any form of age organization besides which they might regularly approached by people in want 

These human beings having of Saturn in eleventh residence could no longer involve in worthless social stuff as they might find it fairly tiring even though they will deliver a extensive presence in the social expert arena These human beings may not percentage their private center with anybody and might choose to keep it aloof although humans may not come to be aware it They are free dwelling souls who continually desires their own space On the other part these human beings having Shani in 11th bhava could be somewhat unfaithful deceitful at times and their shrewdness might in addition help them in developing in advance Their fortune could attain appropriate level after the age of 40 Besides this here Saturn might offer outcomes relying upon the placements of Rahu Ketu in the horoscope chart The natives of this placement of Saturn in 11th residence have to vicinity a vessel packed with water earlier than going to any important paintings They must sprinkle oil or wine upon earth for continuous forty 3 days as it might lessen the malefic results of this placement They need to live away from immoral food liquids and have to preserve their character center natural and actual This is one of the first class positions for Saturn something Rahu inside the 11th residence and anywhere Saturn owned Rasis are located within the Birth chart The person is constantly confident of normal profits and earnings

The person stays active in lifestyles for lengthy years achieving vintage age If Mars or Rahu or Herschell is in the 4th house the man or woman may additionally ought to begin incomes from an early age say between the age of 14 and 18 years The man or woman starts with mild or meagre earnings however progressively and steadily reaches high levels of profits in addition to direct and indirect income too The character doesn't have lots difference between truthful and unfair in float of money in own palms or inside the palms of partner or other individuals of the on the spot family as occurs frequently within the case of people in positions of power and authority The cause is straightforward The tenth residence regulations profession politics commercial enterprise profession vocation source of profits and the 2nd house from any given residence is continually of money savings and portable as well as immovable belongings Further commonly it's far observed that people with Saturn within the 11th house both have more than one supply of profits or both husband and spouse earn actively or the on the spot joint family has at the least actively incomes members It has to be remembered that Saturn s very nature is gradual and regular The subjects that can represent sources of income for the character have already been mentioned in previous paragraphs beneath the cutting edge bankruptcy on Saturn However there is no harm in repetition of some of them

These are commercial ventures production devices business or trading in petrol diesel lubricating oils edible oils in particular groundnut linseed sesame and cottonseed oils It also consists of dealing in equipment and spare parts walking labour deliver enterprise placement services recruitment organization for engineering medical technical experts astrologer jogging courier carrier shipment and customs clearance provider exchange union leadership accumulating masses for a rally procession meeting demonstration picketing and many others Saturn within the 11th house worries itself additionally with blackmailing smuggling hoarding profiteering kidnapping for ransom Failure of Marriege or different functions Saturn inside the eleventh residence is a good support in subjects of politics and obtaining strength by fair or foul manner Because of desirable degree of profits those individuals frequently make economic contributions or indirect financial support to politicians If Saturn is very strong within the eleventh residence and has the support of Sun or Mars the individual assumes the position of a king maker at panchayat level district or county level country level or even on the country wide level In this context it needs to be cited that once Saturn is lord of the twelfth or the 1st residence and is occupying the 11th house It may be greater or less taken as a right that the man or woman would encash every particle of cash spent on politicians or on influencing politics be it via fair or crooked approach and strategies

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