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Acceptable Use Policy The policy applies to the services which provides or includes access to the Internet including hosting services such as software applications and hardware and services provided over the Internet or wireless data networks This policy is designed to help achieve the goals like laws and regulations governing use of the Internet email transmission and test messaging and preserving for all of its customers Internet access Access ID Terms Conditions Access ID is a type of user ID that allows establishing online identity and using that identity to manage multiple accounts online and or to use third party services and applications By agreeing to these Terms of Use and the AT T Privacy Policy for all use of AT T Access ID or Account Management Copyright Infringement Digital Millennium Copyright Act AT T will process notifications of claimed infringement under subsections 512 b c and d of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA found at 17 U S C 512 All such notifications must meet the requirements of DMCA subsection 512 c 3 In addition notifications with respect to activity described in DMCA subsection 512 b must meet the requirements of subsection 512 b 2 E if applicable and notifications with respect to activity described in DMCA subsection 512 d must meet the requirements of subsection 512 d 3 Broadband Information

This policy is to accept the network practices performance characteristics and commercial terms applicable to wired mobile and Wi Fi broadband Internet access services consistent with the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet Rules This information should help customers make informed choices about how to use those services and will assist providers of Internet applications content and services in developing marketing and maintaining their Internet offerings Community Forum Guidelines This forum is a courtesy to its users and customers to help them exchange ideas tips information and techniques related to products and services The Community Forums are here for the benefit of all visitors The Community Forums are most valuable when everyone obeys certain basic guidelines and rules for online behavior By accessing registering and using the Community Forums the customer agree to follow these Guidelines and the Terms of Use Do Not Call Policy This Policy for the consumers do not want to receive such calls or texts and the organization complies with all applicable laws and regulations for consumers who request that not call or text for telemarketing purposes Electronic Communications Consent Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents By providing email address or wireless telephone number and clicking or tapping the I agree checkbox as your electronic signature customer agree to receive through electronic email or SMS text messages all disclosures agreements statements and notices

Disclosures that organization required by law to give it to Customer Some of the Disclosures that may provide customers to include such as Consent to Electronic Delivery of Disclosures Material changes to existing Terms of Service Copies of your periodic billing statements Notice of changes to Account terms Annual notices of rate changes Enhanced Relevant Advertising Program Terms Conditions By agreeing to the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program customer allows to collect use and share data with third parties about users account This includes data generated by customer devices and by the use of company products and services on the account Intellectual Property Terms and Conditions This Intellectual Property website contains information on IP potentially available for purchase or license The information is presented for discussion purposes only and it is not a legally binding offer to sell to license or otherwise to transfer rights in any of the Intellectual Property referenced on the website Open Internet Policy This policy is to commit and maintaining an open Internet that provides consumers with competitive choices and access to lawful websites and information when where and how they want it Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy applies to use of all products services and websites offered by organization and associated affiliates such as DIRECTV and DTV branded apps By agreeing this helps to collect the information about account information network performance and usage information web browsing and wireless application information location information and TV viewing information Service Publications This is completely based on the users residential place because it will varies from state to state for ex WA State Residential Service Agreement applies to all AT T services user subscribe to except for those provided under a tariff or another agreement unless that agreement references this Agreement When user accept this Agreement subsequent purchase or use of Services or payment for them is agreement to the terms and conditions of this Agreement Website Terms of Use By accessing or using organization Site in any way the customer is agreeing to comply with Terms of Use including any documents policies and guidelines and certain services available through Site especially for services which are asked to subscribe or pay money may have their own terms and conditions that apply to customer purchase or use of that particular service

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