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Privacy The privacy of the general public is in danger In regular basis people will set borders for others in order to maintain their privacy For instance some people will not allow their friends to see their phones while they are using it because they think that their friends break in their privacy Furthermore some people will think that there is no problem with that Clearly everyone sees privacy from a different perspective Privacy is the state or condition of being alone undisturbed or free from public attention as a matter of choice or right seclusion freedom from Privacy Privacy is an important subject for indivisibles especially when it comes to technology Unfortunately in smartphones people tend to agree with an app s privacy policy without reading it because they want to use the app as fast as possible Currently the internet is not secure for privacy because of the danger of viruses the new privacy policy in the United States of America and social media Viruses are a big issue that people are facing daily through the internet A virus is a bug in the computer that can cause damage to the computer and the files inside Moreover some viruses are designed to steal files picture or data from a computer Usually a virus have an access to a computer through a file from an E mail or unsecured website However there are many companies are created to develop antivirus programs to protect computers from viruses Unfortunately sometimes viruses are strong enough to break through the antivirus For example in 2017 a global attach that was targeting to individuals large companies and governmental websites by Ransomware virus Ransomware is malicious code that is used by cybercriminals to launch data kidnapping and lock screen attacks 

The motive for ransomware attacks is monetary Rouse Moreover the person who controls the Ransomware will have access to the computer files and data Some viruses creators are looking for money or fame and those are not unmoral motivations Other viruses may attack personal files and information directly such as debit card and steal money For instance my friend Jalal s computer was attacked last year by virus Then a 1000 was taken from his bank account and he called the bank to cancel the payment Even though there are companies that develop antiviruses viruses are a serious threat to everyone globally Computers are one of the basic daily needs of our life and antiviruses companies such as Bit Defender Norton and Zone Alarm should develop a stronger antiviruses to defeat these viruses Governments usually tend to have an access to everyone's information In 2017 U S President Donald Trump signed a new privacy policy that will not benefit internet users but it will benefit companies and websites The new policy that President Donald Trump signed allows websites and internet providers companies to collect data such as internet browsing history Unfortunately this will give many websites and companies the ability to control a person's browsing history which may benefit them financially by selling this information to others such as government agencies However there are some companies that show a good sign to customers like Verizon Verizon does not sell personal web browsing histories and has no plans to do so but the company said it has two advertising programs that use de identified customer browsing data Trump signs repeal of US This new policy has not been approved yet in the U S and people hope the many U S congress will refuse this policy because people's private information should not be exposed to anyone Users private information through the internet should be safe and no one has the right to access this before getting the permission from the individual 

The government s officials must take a stand to protect people's private information and people have the right to decide who can access these browsing history because they are who concerned not the government Social media expose many people s privacy to the public Moreover some people get stolen because of what they posted through social media For instance Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna from the famous show Keep up with the Kardashian who are a couple were in a fight and they were fighting in public One of the actions that Rob Kardashian did is that he posted a nude picture of Blac Chyna in Instagram Then Rob deleted the picture but it was already there The problem is that they had the fight in public If they had this fight fifteen years ago Rob will not be able to post the pictures online Social media has a lot of advantages such as communication However it is also full of disadvantages such as the scandal In short the internet leads many people to destroy their privacy without them noticing especially with social media apps such as Facebook Twitter and Instagram For example some people identities are stolen in the social media which is the fake account and it is hard to close those fake accounts because there are millions Also viruses are a serious threat not only for individuals but also for companies and government s agencies Moreover the government is the base of a country if it is not safe Then people are not safe either In the age of social media many people s private life s are in the hand of the public What Rob Kardashian did to Blac Chyna is not moral at all Breaking through the privacy is a serious issue that many people are facing because of the internet

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