Organisational Change and Leadership At the beginning the world appeared vast and the infinite distances it results in our ignorance certainly and the means of communication especially Was not we believed that during the centuries the world was infinite In the same way won't we conclude one day that the universe is a village in its turn In addition can t we conclude that in fact the means the communication reduce the distances and abolish the barriers The economy saw during last 3 decades a major upheaval as well at the planetary level as regional and local generating a new reality and putting on the market the new concepts and ways of life and needs continual reforms and tools for education Information and knowledge are at the base of any development policy and the citizen constitutes its interest center The education is the capital generated between the interaction of citizen in one part and information and knowledge in other part Since its appearance on ground the Homo sapiens showed his intelligence which translated by his capacity to communicate it and to immortalize it through times and distances In addition the traceability of his existence can be putted forward through his rupestral writings while passing by the papyruses and other supports without forgetting the oral accounts of various civilizations to arrive to the paper at the risk to give its place to the digital content support The last one making our contemporary exploits and which are shaping our culture towards another mode or world of the electronic culture 

The Net culture the electronic contents are transforming our thinking mode The modern education must be based on modern tools such as mobiles tablets internet etc without forgetting the classical tools like books and other support content PHASE I IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEM Several reforms were made in Algeria since the independence of the country from French colonisation in July 5th 1962 we know that the french organisation model and shape of educational system were adopted in Algeria but the level of pupils and students continue to decrease All experts and specialists of education affirms that The level of pupils and students are worse The teachers have not a good level and the recruitment is based on a bad criteria The parents are more closer to their children than in the past The programs are complicated and are not accessible Can we guess who s the problem and if this research can allow me to adequately assess the education policy and management in Algeria and comparatively with similar countries in the world The parents are exasperated and feel they have put their child on a short leash at home and are looking for additional guidance from the school system The teachers are worried and lost between different reforms and contents revealed each year What can I do in the capacity of the national educational system to set on a universal level with adapted vision and system that can develop and progress with continuous and soft reforms 

The Algerian educational system is in the situation of the research of better path to set on a strategy of soft reforms By knowing and managing a vocational institution and educational we can in this step identify the most known problems in the country such as The process of recruitment and the level of teachers The number of learners per class and how bypassing the problem of the infrastructure The adaptability of the content program with local and national needs The evaluation of progress manner and tools and the responsibility of teachers in the results etc PHASE II PLAN OF ACTION This announcement will explain my plan of action for this EdD research with the objective of NO FAIL REFORM in the future If the engaged reforms does not bring the late assignment or the currently due assignment then the reforms is on probation The final consequence for reforms who are still having trouble with targeting objectives will be corrected on the summer to prepare the next school year The reforms are engaged by the national educational authority and must have the maximum conviction and adhesion of all the teachers and workers at all levels Once the national authority and all its components see that there is consistency and implementation of each consequence we believe that all components will begin choosing the right thing by completing each and every assignment in the right way

This NO FAIL policy will make test corrections a requirement for any reform engaged and have a level below a 70 of realization and adhesion Any assignment that is turned in that receives a level below a 70 will be expected to complete the entire assignment again This is not just corrections but totally redoing the assignment By implementing this policy reforms will be clear in the beginning that guesses are not always a successful route to check over their implementation This policy I believe holds the reforms and the implementation accountable For any assignment the stakeholder has the choice to re do the assignment for a better better within a designed period Any assignment that is not met with a 70 or above will follow the same consequences PHASE III DATA COLLECTION

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