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Introduction The protein originally came from Greek language Proteins in the very beginning described by A Dutch chemist scientist Gerhardus Johannes Mulder in 1838 In fact we can definition Proteins are long chains of amino acids which are built in blocks of protein Protein plays the most critical function in the body They are like device that produce all living things The human body is produce up of almost 100 trillion cells Proteins make up around 42 of the dry weight of our bodies Every of our cells and even blood are full with protein molecules Proteins necessity comes from the physically interact with each other and with other molecules to do their job The amino acids which have around twenty types can be coordinated in millions of various ways to create millions of various proteins the protein function are Repair and Maintenance Transportation and Storage of Molecules Energy Antibodies Hormones Enzymes and each protein has a particular job in the body The structures vary according to the series in which the amino acids combine The biological function of a given protein is largely dependent on its 3D structure and dynamical properties Modern advances in bio structural sciences as protein crystallography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques have resulted in more than 45 000 known 

Three dimensional structures proteins which have stored at the Protein Data Bank This immense amount of information has paved an avenue for studying the dynamic behaviour of proteins where the most stable structure is found It has become increasingly obvious that many proteins function by conformational adjustment between stable structures we are pointedly involved in such studies using MD simulation and analysis techniques We uesed computer simulation for Molecular dynamics MD to study the physical motion of molecules and atoms The molecules and atoms are adaptable to interact for a constant term of time to obtain a scene of the dynamic evolution of the system Amino acid sequence generally determined the protein structures but protein in fact is not totally static objects Protein can vary in their state depend on length scale and time scale to fit its function such as enzyme catalysis These two dimensions which are kinetics and thermodynamics make or produce an energy landscape paradigm for a protein The study of the physical changes of atoms and Molecular requires a new unconventional pattern computer simulations which are called Molecular dynamics

In order to interact atoms and Molecular for a record period of time and to more deeply and accurately understand the dynamic evolution of the system there are some test and processes that are difficult or impossible to perform in a laboratory We take a new style which is computer simulation In advanced models numerical solutions are used for Newton's equations of motion rather than conventional solutions to determine the Molecular and atom paths of the interacting particle system as well as to explore the thermal and dynamic properties of the system In addition all physiologic mechanisms understanding ligand protein interaction is necessary the For protein protein interactions there are several ways to prove them And each method has its advantages and disadvantages for example show the computer screen many of these interactions indicate that the sensitivity of this method is high and If computer simulation interaction which is imaginary operations matches with Real operation it means that method of high quality and excellent In 1982 Australian scientists such as robin Warren and Barry Marshall reported the existence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria in gastric ulcers and stomach infections This name was not previously known but was called

Campylobacter pylori Helix shaped gram not positive It is known that the developing countries have a fertile environment for these bacteria They spread all over the world about 10 of those have been infected with these bacteria are children however the lion's share of those infected with these bacteria are Adults their ratio go up to about 80 Burning abdominal pain is one of the most common symptoms of peptic ulcers and activates the movement of these bacteria when the stomach is empty so people with these bacteria are advised not to have their stomach empty In cases of pain it is advisable to drink milk eat a snack or an antacid In recent years we have focused on natural anti inflammatory materials We have used MD simulation method to proof the effect of sulforaphane and curcumin on Helicobacter pylori curcumin derived from turmeric consists of three curcumoids demethocycurcumin curcumin and censer oil and bisdemethoxycurcumin Many studies suggest that curcumin has an unprecedented effect For biological events including antimicrobials and oxidation broccoli sprouts contain saloxinolates known as sulfurman We have demonstrated its effect on the bacteria and we have come to the conclusion that chloroquine and salvuran have a positive effect for the treatment of the infected bacteria To spiral

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