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The Purpose of the following essay is to examine the causes of depression throughout Scotland Depression is a highly common mental health issues mostly recognised by its main symptoms of severe sadness decreased energy loss of interest in daily activities appetite or weight changes mood swings and self loathing WebMD 2017 Depression affects one in five people in Scotland at some point in their lives and will affect everyone differently SeeMe 2017 In Scotland it is the most common reason for people contacting their GP Since 1999 to 2009 the number of drugs being prescribed for people suffering with depression has increased from 2 5 million to 4 million items WellScotland 2017 Between 2012 to 2015 the age group most likely to report at least one symptom of depression were those aged between 25 54 years of age and that includes both males and females ScotPHO 2016 There are different levels of depression such as mild moderate and severe Symptoms can also be classed as psychological physical and social NHSChoice 2016 This essay aims to analyse the main causes main effects treatments and when suffers should go seek advice It also aims to identify the solutions available for those who suffer from depression in Scotlandwell WellScotland 2017 The primary causes for depression in Scotland are side effects related to prescribed medication such as Isotretinoin used to treat acne and Corticosteroids used to treat different conditions such as Lupus Asthma and Rashes

These prescription can sometimes cause erratic behaviour and mood swings which can help lead to depressions WebMD 2017 Personal conflicts or disputes with friends and family members Sadness or grief from the death of a loved one the breakdown of a marriage or relationship can all play a factor in someone being diagnosed with depression A family history of depression can also increase an individual's risk NHSChoice 2016 Major events such as the loss of a job or retiring can have massive effects on someone's mental state causing extreme depression All types of abuse whether it is physical sexual or even emotional are all huge triggers of depression WebMD 2017 The main effects and symptoms in Scotland are disturbed sleeping patterns like insomnia the increased need to sleep trouble getting back to sleep after waking up during the night Change in weight is also common excessive weight loss or weight gain are usually signs of depression Periods of depression can also lead to drug and or alcohol abuse It can cause an exhibition of anger frustration and violent behaviour This can lead to recklessness like drink driving and unprotected sex WebMD 2017 Depression can also cause physical symptoms such as migraines chronic pain and digestive issues It can effect people socially as they lose interest in relationships work friends and family NHSChoice 2016 If untreated depression can lead to self harm suicidal thoughts and even suicide The suicide rate in Scotland rose by 8 between 2015 to 2016 due to depression Mentalhealth 2018

The best forms of treatments and solutions for depression in Scotland are it is advised that an individual seek the attention of a GP if they suspect they might be suffering from depression In order for the GP to monitor the situation over a period of two weeks to determine if the depression is long term or temporary Exercise is a solution to depression and the help of a personal trainer as it lowers stress and can help improve energy levels Talking things over with a friend relative self help groups or in more serious cases psychotherapy has been advised to help suffers learn to deal and cope with depression WebMD 2017 Prescription drugs there are over 30 different types of antidepressants available in Scotland to help combat depression Combinations of therapy s where the GP will recommend a course of antidepressants and the advise of a talking therapy group the combination of both has a higher success rate of coping with depression than just one of these treatments NHSChoice 2016 Meditation and yoga can help an individual to relax although not always recommended for people with certain health issues and music therapy as it is often thought of as a natural tranquilizers

These are the most recommended forms of treatment available in Scotland to help suffers deal with depression WellScotland 2017 Depression in Scotland is a major issue and this essay has shown that it can lead to a number of physical mental and social problems If untreated can even lead to suicide Through careful examination it can be concluded that depression cannot be prevented as it is mostly due to circumstances out with the individuals control However there are several lifestyle choices that can be made in order to combat the main symptoms of depression Prescription drugs will help to an extend but with the combination of talking therapy a more productive outcome can be expected WebMD 2017 After careful evaluation of the causes effects and treatments of depression in Scotland it can be said that there is no cure as such but readily available help for those who know how to ask seek for it As depression is a mental health issue it can be difficult for a person to express what they are going through for fear of being judged

An open approach should be taken when discussing depression more campaigning and advertising to raise public s awareness would help to eradicate the stigma that comes with depression It has been suggested by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE that cognitive therapy can help prevent future bouts of depression in those that have previously suffered from the illness on more than one occasion If society were able to notice the symptoms in those around them whether it be friends family or even work colleague s it could lead to early diagnosis of depression which in turn could be treated before it reached severe levels or suicide

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