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Broken Record The record I bought fo my little sister Phoebe is important to me Phoebe is one of the people I adore the most Although we got into an argument about me getting kicked out of school we made up very quickly I love how I can talk to her with a sophisticated vocabulary and she can understand everything I am saying I bought this record in the record shop near Broadway The song was Little Shirley Beans It was about a little kid that wouldn t go out of the house because two of her front teeth were out and she was ashamed too 114 The child in the song is much like me and what I hope my sister to be change is scary and staying the same is fine by me The Ducks in the Lagoon I have always been fascinated by the ducks in central park I worry about the ducks and I am concerned they will die I ask my cab drivers Where do the ducks go when the pond freezes over 81 They are gone once winter comes and I always wonder where they go This lagoon represents a person losing their childhood As the lagoon freezes over the water disappears just like my own childhood Although they leave the ducks give me a sense of comfort Even though the ducks leave I am certain they will come back once the weather warms up Allie s Baseball Glove Allies left handed glove is the one thing that truly reminds me of him Allie is my brother and he died not too long ago from leukemia I keep it to remind me what kind of brother he was He was intelligent and friendly

My favorite part of this glove is the writing inside of it He had written his poetry inside of the glove He wrote them on it so that he d have something to read when he was in the field and nobody was up at bat 38 I usually keep this hidden I used Allie s poetry as inspiration for that time I did Straddlers homework I miss Allie because I look up to him so much He was the smartest most positive person in my family The Gold Carousel Ring The Gold Carousel Ring is the ring you grab while on the ride Children reach out and grab the rings risking the fall and hoping to get the gold ring I brought Phoebe to the carousel out in the rain Bringing Phoebe was good for her because kids enjoy these things The thing with kids is if they want to grab for the gold ring you have to let them do it and not say anything If they fall off they fall off but its bad if you say anything to them 25 This means if a kid wants to do something in which they are probably going to fall sometimes you have to let them in order for them to learn I realized that I am now officially grown up and it s time for me to act like an adult Red Hunting Cap I bought my red hunting cap for 1 in New York on the same morning I lost the fencing equipment Now I know it s not very fashionable or cool but I love it so much I don t actually care I think the hat to be unique It shows im unique and I don t care

The way I wore it I swung the old peak way around to the back very corny I ll admit But I liked it that way pg 18 I put the hat on when i m writing compositions for Straddler it helps me concentrate Ticket from the Natural History Museum The Museum of Natural History meant alot to me I know the museum very well in my head Since me and Phoebe went to the same school when we were young we both went to the museum The Indian stuff the Eskimo sitting over the icy lake and the big auditorium where we always watched Columbus discovering America These were the things I can remember seeing every time The best thing though in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was 121 Luggage Tag Since I ve been in and out of schools a couple times I m used to packing my suitcase For me a suitcase really defines who a person is Having a nice looking suitcase shows you are not only wealthy but a neat and organized person It isn t important I know but I hate it when someone has cheap suitcases It sounds terrible to say it but I can even get to hate somebody just looking at them if they have cheap suitcases with them

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