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The renowned Nobel prize winner William Golding published his famous book Lord of the Flies in 1954 during the time of the Cold War Lord of the Flies takes place during World War II which Goulding himself fought in as a royal navy soldier There are many evident themes in this novel One of the most predominant themes is loss of innocence which is clearly presented through the main characters and their actions Those include Having their plane crash on an abandoned island with no civilization is something everyone would find outraging especially boys between the ages of 6 12 With no adults around the boys do not know what to do or how to respond to this catastrophe but being put in such a traumatizing situation they learn how to grow up very fast At this point the sudden transfer from childhood to adulthood is where a lot of boys innocence is lost simply because they did not know how to act as adults and weren't able to adapt to that sudden change smoothly which lead to their violent actions Here is an excellent example of how the boys take violence as something exciting something fun when really there is nothing good or fun in violence You should have seen the blood Goulding 70 In order to stay alive the boys had to quickly realize that they need to start with some survival skills which for some of the boys was a brand new thing 

Fortunately others have faced such situations where they needed survival skills so some can think creatively and use materialistic objects to survive Here is an example for the boys using materials they have available with them to survive They use Piggy s glasses to create a fire by reflecting the sun off them Having no adults around forced the boys to work on their own and to join together to stay alive From the start Jack had the desire to become the leader but the results of the voting where in the favor of Ralph and he should be the one selected for this position After some time Jack started to oppose Ralph and start various useless arguments He constantly disagreed with him and got into a lot of disputes Despite the fact that Ralph was the leader he was a fair person with most of the biguns and littluns Jack got bothered by the amount of power Ralph had so as a result Jack wanted to have a re election for the leader position To his surprise Ralph won the election which lead to Jack s anger and decision of not following Ralph s rules and made a choice of starting his own tribe at Rock Castle accompanied by all the hunters that were willing to follow him After the groups split up Jack manipulated his group into thinking that murder was acceptable Simon was the beast and that Ralph is a threat towards them Jack and Roger used to throw rocks at the littluns but missing on purpose because they know back there in England they would get in trouble with adults for doing such a bad deed But as they get more comfortable in their environment and more familiar with the idea of no adults and supervision they begin to meaningfully aim the rocks closer to the boys Loss of innocence contributes when the boys become aware of what they re capable of and what can be done

When Jack and his group fought for Piggys glasses this shows an example of how much of Jack and his group s maturity and theory have evolved from the beginning of the story They transferred from sweet innocent and educated school boys into violent and chaotic savages In addition it really showed how the boys would do anything to get what they want The violence that happened was unnecessary and evil Jack s plan to get Piggy s glasses was not something a young boy should plan or think of It s very sad how they were able to erase civilization and its traces from their minds to keep savagery as the number one thought Jack s goal all along was to get power and control everything His theory made him uncivilized in the end Jack became a savage who controlled and manipulated his group the way he prefers and finds most suitable Roger also became a lot like Jack whereby he murdered Piggy to present his savageness Throughout the story Jack was the main character that caused a lot of problems and chaosity Throughout the book the boys are scared but are continually becoming brave They have no discipline and they continuously boss the littluns around When Jack realizes they re no adults or real rules he takes advantage of it He realizes that he doesn t have to take responsibility for his actions because he s in control The loss of innocence leads to the boys committing criminal acts and believing they know what they re doing He killed Simon and got away with it With that said he s completely lost his innocence and gained selfishness Simon s murder is an example of the loss and innocence of the boys The boys became more controlling with the events To conclude this book revolves around the ideas of violence criminal actions savageness civilization and braveness All characters in this story changed in a certain way

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