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The roaring twenties was an important time in history because many inventions were introduced and women's rights were given Women's rights were given at the point of time and started the age of flappers New technology and ideas were developed to help the average adult with daily activities and household chores Sports and entertainment was a major piece in 1920 s The 1920 s had its downfalls that affected minorities The 1920 s was vital point of history since we still use some of ideas that they used back then Women gained the right to vote on August 18 1920 when the 19th amendment was ratified This was an important event since it started the the moment of the flappers Flappers were fashionable young women who wore bulky petticoats and heavy skirts for a lighter style short bobbed hair tight felt hats and galoshes that flapped if left unbuckled

Back then women were treated like servants to the husband in a household since they don t typically go out and work like the men do Typically they took care of the house when the men were out making money and taking care of the farm Women gained confidence from this amendment because they never had an opportunity to do the same thing that men could do back then Women usually stayed in the house all day cleaning taking care of the children and Technology advancements happened in all through the 1920 s The 1920s is the time when US s economy grew 42 The first mobile vehicle was developed by a man named Henry Ford The car he made soon started to improve all through the year and still are today The Model T was a way to change how the average American travel work and live Ford developed the assembly line which made products more efficiently and cost less than being produced my hand This is vital to today's society since mostly every factory uses the same idea Ford had making products quicker and cheaper

Ford wasn't the only person inventing things back then The washing machine was invented to help the average household washing clothes rather by hand The radio was developed to help people who wanted information without turning on the TV This is important because almost everywhere we go today there is a radio right there There more inventions made like refrigerator vacuum cleaners and more plug in appliances Since all these technology advancements were happening there was a requirement for electricians for households that ran on wires Unemployment never got above the rate of around 4 The economy was at the highest point where people bought things on margin or what it's called today credit The 1920 s had its perks but it wasn't all too great There was prohibition that banned alcohol but that didn't stop people from making it Bootleggers were people who brewed alcohol products since it was illegal to have it This is when gang violence occurred and this brought out the notorious Al Capone He was known to bootlegging alcohol and a criminal

Discrimination was a still a big thing back in the 1920s Ku Klux Klan was brought back to life and was worse than ever They came back because of the increased of immigrant into the US They targeted Jews Catholics Blacks Mexicans homosexuals intellectuals and anyone else that didn t fit the mold of the America they saw slipping away The 1920s was the one decade in American history when the Klan went mainstream enough that they could march proudly through the streets of any town including 40k through Washington D C At its peak the organization counted from 3 5 million members before corruption and sex scandals contributed to its decline The KKK wasn t the only ones that caused chaos for minorities Following the rape of a white woman by a black man angry Whites destroyed Tulsa s Black Wall Street entirely in 1921 burning down 30 square blocks of Little Africa and killing 300 in a series of drive by shootings arsons and even small bombings from private airplanes From time to time a mob would scrap the skin off a young black man by dragging him up and down Congress Avenue behind a Model T just to send a message Blacks couldn t swim in pools try on clothes at stores rent out ice skates or attend movies in public without being criticize by white because of their color of skin Ideas were challenged like the theory of evolution that caused the South and North to be in conflict Many states forbade the teaching of evolution in public schools including Tennessee with the Butler Act of 1925 In Dayton Tennessee businessmen and the school board thought they could drum up attention and tourist dollars by assigning a textbook with sections on evolution extinction and eugenics to a substitute public high school biology teacher John Scopes Evolution and extinction are related ideas because they both deny the changeless of species implied in a fundamentalist reading of the Bible instead endorsing the changing of human and the idea that extinction is part of the evolutionary process Baseball was important in the 20 s since you could finally watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio

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