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The role of a library at any level in the education process especially at the college level is very important are for the overall development of the students such as personality skills communication career and creativity etc Therefore a well organized library is essential for the teaching learning process done in a college especially when the emphasized is shifted from classroom teaching to central process learning The quality of the education is linked with the libraries The information collected and disseminated by the libraries determines the quality of teaching learning process of a college The library is like a storehouse of knowledge and information Without a library a college will not be completed It is very much important to have a library for the higher education and college system An important role played by the libraries it is one of the factors that helps in the development of a society or the development of a civilization Libraries cater to the knowledge and information of thirsty minds of thousands of users Libraries are a vital part of our educational system and it is incomplete without each other The function of an academic library is to create and maintain the collections on all formats supporting the curricula and mission of its colleges institutions Libraries are involved in providing assistance support for research and other educational activities in universities colleges institutions and other academic organizations Academic libraries are classified into three different groups i e school college and university library Keeping this aim in mind higher authorities of all educational institutions needs to be re engineer by the libraries of their respective institutions

Therefore the librarians and the teachers improve the academic functions of the libraries and contribute substantially to the complete academic programme The prime objective of the academic libraries is to meet the academic needs of the particular institution for which it is created to provide service The ultimate objective of library is to provide maximum satisfaction to its users The library having a good collection of books and an attractive building but if it lacks by the highly qualified competent motivated and trained staff cannot function properly The Kothari Commission explains the need and importance of libraries in higher education and suggested that each university should develop a well equipped library in accordance with the need of its users Some of the recommendations made by the commission are as follows No new university college or department should be set up without taking into account its library needs in terms of staff books journals space etc Nth could be more damaging to a growing department than to neglect its library or to give it a low priority On the contrary the library should be an important center of attraction on the college of university campus 

A collection of books even a collection of good books does not constitute a library Given enthusiastic teachers who teach with books and librarians who can cooperate with them in converting the library into an intellectual workshop even a comparatively small collection of sensitively chosen books may works wonder in the life of students Without such a staff the most luxurious building or extensive book collection may have no effect at all The importance of a library works as an exclusive partner in education from the crib to the tomb and from the primary level to the highest level of learning The provision of library services should be preceded in each academic program it would be appropriate that the national expenditure on formal education is to be utilized in a proper manner The aims and methods mentioned above from the kernel of the philosophy of education and library service The colleges and college libraries are playing their role in shaping the fate of the nation being the first doorstep to the higher education in the country A modern college in India must have a well planned and functional library so that it becomes an intellectual hub of the institution for both the students and the teachers Libraries are thus the key stone in the higher education architecture Their needs and importance have further increased in the present information age The main components of the library are the books the staff and the building A library always grows in the context of the books the staff and the building Therefore there is a trinity of the library consists of the books the librarian and his staff and building Actual knowledge comes through the intensive use of knowledge contained in books available in the college libraries In other words the use of college libraries is not only useful but it is also indispensable

However it is certain that without a good college library it will not be possible to maintain the standards of teaching and study in the colleges In degree colleges a well organized library is necessary for the teaching learning process especially when the emphasis is shifted from classroom teaching to learning centered process For a complete and generous education of a college a fully equipped library is essential It is a true laboratory from which users can gain new ideas assimilate them experiment with them and thus acquire quality education which will make them ready for a more meaningful role in life Colleges in India play a crucial role in developing and promoting higher education A library attached to any educational Institution is known as academic library The college library acts as an auxiliary unit to present institution in conveying out its objective effectively Education is a lifelong process An efficient college library should have the followings key components for providing very effective library and information services to its end users A good collection of books and other learning and teaching materials The user community comprising of students teachers supporting staff college management and others getting required and standard library and information services Very good physical facilities like library building furniture and equipment Staff of the library The college management and Finance

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