Essay Example on The second unoriginal story of The Three Little Pigs









People are often tricked into believing something that is not true through exaggeration This is shown in the second unoriginal story of The Three Little Pigs that was copied from the first original story of The Three Little Pigs In the unoriginal version it makes the wolf look like a villain saying that he purposely blew down the pigs homes and tried to kill them When really in the original story he was just trying to ask his neighbors that were pigs for a cup of sugar for the cake he was making for his granny's birthday Unfortunately in the event of doing so he kept having sneezing attacks and accidentally blew their homes down The wolf is not a villain and was falsely accused of being a villain when he was just sick and meant no harm to the pigs or their homes The wolf in the story of The Three Little Pigs is not a villain and was falsely accused because of an exaggerated story by the media The first reason being that he was innocently and simply trying to make a cake for his granny's birthday He only went to bother his neighbors in the first place because he needed a cup of sugar that he did not have and figured he could get it from them Scieszka pg 8 He thought that going to his neighbors and asking for a cup of sugar would be a simple easy task and that they could have some compassion for him and his granny but clearly that is not how things worked out 

That is not how it worked out because when he went to ask they ignored him The second reason being that on top of it all he was sick and would sneeze often and had absolutely no control of its strength He would try to control his sneezes as best he could but when he would go to the pigs homes a major sneeze would come on suddenly that he could not help and when he would sneeze that is when the house would fall down Scieszka pg 11 The wolf by no means meant to or wanted to do this to the pigs homes but that is what occurred unfortunately In the grand scheme of things it was not his fault that the pigs were idiots and did not know how to build a house that could handle something as harmless as a sneeze without falling down The third and final reason being that the wolf being an animal and natural born predator to the pigs has natural instincts What this means is that when he comes across a meal and he is hungry he will eat it and not leave it there to go to waste Scieszka pg 15 The whole time that he was at the door to see if the pig was home or not the pig was ignoring him so after he sneezed and the dust settled he actually finally saw the pig but he was dead so he ate him so it was not a waste He is perfectly innocent in this situation because he did not purposely harm or kill the pig and he ate him so there would not be a waste or a random dead body 

Overall the wolf is innocent and never meant any harm by the pigs rather just trying to get a cup of sugar for his granny's birthday cake Even though the wolf had good intentions many may not see him as that way because of the way that he is portrayed in the unoriginal version of the story as a villain because of the media To start many believe that when he ate the pigs that he was being greedy When he went to his neighbors homes he went to an overall of three but ate two of them after he saw that they were there after all Halliwell Phillipps pg 1 2 He seems greedy in this situation because of the two out of three neighbors that he visited he ate The wolf actually is not greedy at all but rather hungry and has natural animal instincts that were put into effect and in the overall picture he was not wasteful and did everyone a favor Finally to add it is thought that the wolf is a bully because of him blowing down the two pigs homes that he visited He very well seems like a bully when he states Let me in Let me in little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in Halliwell Phillipps pg 1 2 In this statement from him he sounds very mean and aggressive and like he intends harm for the pigs and their home In all actuality he does not mean any harm to them and was warning what would happen because of the fact that he was sick Overall the wolf never meant any harm towards the pigs and only went to ask for an innocent cup of sugar for his granny's birthday cake In conclusion the wolf is not by any means a villain and would not of ever meant any harm by the pigs Everyone has their moments once in a while and does not always intend for unpredictable things to happen Everything is not always what it seems so when something is happening try to get some background information and ask questions before assuming unknown or unconfirmed facts

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