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The setting of the film is one of the many central characteristics in filming as it creates provides and heavily influences the theme mood and sense of the movie The Scandinavian region comprises the kingdoms of Denmark Norway and Sweden which offers a scenery such as deep dark forest silent landscapes freezing and challenging waters long and chilly winters and midnight sun These create a perfect setting for the three Scandinavian films Insomnia 1997 Let the Right One In 2008 and King of Devil's Island 2010 The use of Scandinavian scenery which creates a sense of madness isolation loneliness and danger that hides such moral and social issues in their inner worlds This paper will examine the settings of the movies mentioned above and will analyze their similarities with each other Keywords Scandinavia setting film Scandinavia is a historical and geographical region centered on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe and comprises the three kingdoms of Denmark Norway and Sweden and when the cultural and historical notion is considered Finland can be included New World Encyclopedia 2015 It is famous for its nature location such as the Norwegian fjords the Scandinavian Mountains low areas in Denmark and lake areas where people mostly experience cold dark and long winters 

These features make way for most of the Scandinavian films to become a perfect place for crime fiction The setting of a film is one of the many central characteristics of filming just as looking for the right and suitable actors to portray the role and just as important when choosing a music to interpret the feeling of the movie Likewise it is essential to consider the impact of the location and setting in the movie as it will create and provide true emotion authenticity and success of the movie The setting is the environment in which a story or event takes place and provides the information and sensation about the timing surroundings mood weather social condition geographical location and historical time Thus the setting has a great influence on the theme and the character of the movie This paper will analyze the setting of three Scandinavian films Insomnia 1997 Let the Right One In 2008 and King of Devil s Island 2010 The settings in each of the Scandinavian movies to be discussed have in common in terms of the use of silent landscapes deep and dark forest unbearable weather and icy challenging waters which creates a sense of madness isolation loneliness and danger that hides such moral and social issues in their inner worlds Insomnia Fig 1 Jonas Engström played by Stellan Skarsgård during their plan to lure the murderer in a foggy atmosphere production still Insomnia 1997 Insomnia 1997 is a film by Erik Skjoldbjærg set in northern Norway which is about two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle and where the sun remains visible at midnight

This is a story about a detective Engström who is called to investigate the murder of a seventeen year old schoolgirl Tanja However during their stakeout on a foggy day near the lakeside the murderer escapes through a tunnel and Engström while running after the murderer mistakenly shoots his partner Vik Engström attempts to cover up his mistakes and the evidence that will lead to the truth of Vik s death Though he was asked one time by Holt the author and the true killer of Tanja Couldn t you just have admitted it Nobody is perfect Backstrom Borgli Remlov Skjoldbjærg 1997 This statement by Holt tests Engström s morality but then he still continued to conceal his imperfections The location of the film is set in a rocky peak coastal flatlands and dramatic landscapes where the days seem to last forever This setting creates a perfect scenery for a mystery in a murder although the murderer s identity was revealed immediately the center of the film then changes to the mental disturbance that Engström displays Throughout the film Engström suffers to adapt on the never ending sunshine of the place as this was seen when he continually attempts to cover the sunlight that seeps into his hotel window and when he was asked by his co police if he has a problem he said that he just cannot sleep well

Although there is an absence of physical darkness in the movie the movie s main theme of darkness in the light still perceived in every part of the movie In this movie the weather plays a vital role as it represents the mood attitude and behavior of the main character Engström The constant sunlight his guilt feeling on the death of his friend frustration and insomnia drive him slowly to madness increased his anxiety and destroying him Maslin says 1998 Northern Norway an evocatively forbidding backdrop for the story is a major factor in the film s unusual moodiness presenting an outward visual manifestation of the chill mysteries that lurk within Maslin 1998 The setting of the movie gave the feeling of a dark mood but in an opposite way as darkness and moral issues of the protagonist is greatly influenced by the perpetual midnight sun

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