Essay Example on The species that survive by Charles Darwin









It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change Charles Darwin Changes in life are inevitable Life is in a permanent state of change and the adaptability to the circumstances either positives or negatives is what permits us not just survive but to come out of it strengthen To overcome a drastic situation and became stronger is possible as long as the person follows the following steps which ends in the problem s resolution acceptance comprehension and confidence The first natural reaction most people have when dealing with problems is deny the reality Why this Why me Will it end The denial of the reality is the principal cause o attitude that maintain us locked in the problem and does not permit us to leave it This denial encases us in a negative and defeatist attitude which prevents us from thinking and going forward in its resolution So the first step to pull out a problem is the acceptance of its existence When you accept the reality your stance on the facts changes You can see if you have any responsibility in within what had happened or if it s a fortuitous fact To accept the reality does not mean to take up a resigned position in a conformist or victimized sense but to have the parameters that allow you to assess the situation accurately Life is unpredictable 

Everything changes And a lot of things will happen in your life that will have an impact So we have to learn to accept it and embrace it As Douglas Poole said Until you accept the reality of your current situation you can't take the next step forward Once you have accepted it you have to understand it and try to find the sense of it By understanding its meaning you can lead your path in a better way you take accurate decisions that can raise the situation and you can get out of it strengthened and with life lesson learned rather than weakened or hurt To find the sense of the hardship you are going through we count on various resources our personal strength people s support and faith A strong person facing difficulties does not get scared and does not fall in discouragement but searches solutions and finds support So it is very important to cultivate self strength during our lives so that when we need it we will have it Those little strengthen gestures that we cultivate in our everyday such as fight against laziness or foster temperance are the tools which in hard situations helps us to keep going Most times our ability to overcome hardships depends on our environment and the people around us 

Normally we tend to think that nobody can understand us and we feel alone But that's not true Social support such as family or friends plays a very important role when dealing with problems We are social beings by nature and we need others to survive When we fall down we need our mother to tell us it is all okay or when we break up with someone we need our friends to encourage us Without any of them it would be impossible to carry on our lives But especially when we are going through hardships is when we have to find strength through unity Faith is also a very effective medicine in order to fire any illness You have to maintain positive thoughts and attitude Faith is the evidence we have of what we can not see yet That is why you have to anticipate and wait for the good even though you have no proof of it Thomas Aquinas once said To one who has faith no explanation is necessary To one without faith no explanation is possible There are people who made incredible things thanks just to their faith 

When all seemed darkness faith was the light needed to continue Faith give us the strength we need in the moments of weakness When you have achieved the previous phases meaning you have accepted the situation and understood the reality you are in the position to confront the new challenge to have confidence in the possibility to break away with the situation and search alternative paths Flexibility and adaptability in this phase are very important because many times the reality after the hardship could not be the one you wanted But it is always an open door to new possibilities which they would not otherwise be possible Wait have confidence and hope that something is always coming achieves that the expectations of getting out of the tough situation raises Hope is thus essential and definitive So if you are able to go through this three processes you will come out strengthen regarding difficulties In the opposite case you will stay blocked in a circle of melancholy victimhood sadness and depression Because in the end as Kelly Clarkson said What doesn t kill you makes you stronger

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