Essay Example on The story of white elephants represents Choices








In the story there is a man and a girl who are at a train station about to go somewhere while waiting they are discussing about the girl who pregnant and how she should get an abortion The man tries to convince her to get it since it will save their relationship and so that way they can have a happy relationship again but the girl starts to question if she should really get it She starts to drink beer with the man but in the old days they didn t realize the choices of not being sober while being pregnant can affect the baby being born While discussing over what they should do with the baby the man shows that he clearly doesn t want to keep it since they are both aren t married to each other but just together as in a relationship As they are talking the girl shows that she wants to keep it but at the same time she is told that if she keeps it than their relationship will be unhappy and that could lead to both of them leaving each other and the girl having to deal with the baby while having to take care of it by herself with no help and in my opinion she probably won t want to deal with that Later on the girl tells the man to stop talking about getting an abortion since this can most likely show that she is uncomfortable about talking about it and doesn t know what to do What she does is drink more beer There is a moment of silence until the guy breaks the silence by saying how he knows people that have gotten abortions and how they have been fine after getting one

The man keeps on talking to the girl and still tries to get her to get one but she is nervous and asks what will happen after getting one The man tells her that she won t feel a thing and how getting one will end up solving all their problems The girl agrees that she will get one only if the man will still love her but then plot twist the man tells her to not get it because he loves her and he doesn t want her to do anything that she doesn t feel comfortable getting but she insists to get one because she doesn t want him to leave her While still waiting for the train the bartender brings more beers and while drinking them the man asks the girl if she feels ok she replies by saying yes she is fine but the man still keeps on insisting to keep on asking her if she is fine The reference to White Elephants comes from the beginning of the story It tells that while waiting for the train they both go get some beers from the bar and the girls looks off to the clouds near the hills while saying how they look like White Elephants to her The reason while this story is based on choices is because the girl is given choices about either getting an abortion or not The reason why I chose choices is because in the story it tells and shows the choices that the girl has to make in order to either save the relationship and save the relationship that she has with the man or having to keep the baby and dealing with an unhappy relationship This is why she decides to drink beer some studies show that people tend to drink beer in order to clear their mind from stressful situations In class we learned that in the old days that drinking or smoking causes birth defects to unborn babies that are still in the womb 

This shows that she didn t have a clue that drinking beer would bad things to her baby and that is why she chose to drink beer to clear off her mind If they knew that this could happen she might have not been drinking beer while being pregnant but instead have a choice of drinking and hurting both herself and baby or choosing to be sober while having to deal with a very stressful situation that she is in right now even tho she shows that she is unhappy but she is making the choice to save the relationship The story would have probably been different since there can be two outcomes if they continued the story One of them is that if she got the abortion she might feel guilty all her life because of what she did to save the relationship of the person she cares about the most Maybe towards the story the man ends up leaving her because he doesn't love the girl anymore and this could leave the girl to be all alone with no one The other outcome can be that if she does keep it the man can start to get used to having a child that he realizes that they aren't so bad even tho they are extremely hard to take of and probably even more since the girl had drank beer while being pregnant

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