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The Struggle Through the Times The Harlem Renaissance was a time of great change It was a time of rebirth a time of cultural pride In the 1890s many African Americans were pushed out from the south and up to the north This was primarily due to the fact that the Jim Crow laws and White Supremacy in the South Even with this move to the north and having left the ways of slavery and white supremacy left behind them they were not entirely welcomed Nor were they entirely free Many northerners did not like the fact that so many African Americans had moved there as a part of The Great Migration This way of life and this treatment of the African American population is very much evident in the art music and literature of the time and for years to come afterwards One of the most influential musicians was Louis Armstrong and his influential Jazz music Langston Hughes also followed this influence of Jazz within his poetic rhythmic meter And In staying with the influence of Jazz Romare Bearden was a great influence to the movement through the depiction of Jazz in his art 4

Louis Armstrong made it very evident that he was rooted in the population that suffered in the south He was born in the south right around the time the great migration was happening He was interested in music at an early age and this would be the start of the most influential Jazz musician of the time 3 In the 1920 s Louis Armstrong would go and change Jazz forever he gave jazz direction and purpose 2 His influence was that of change he represented the change in the life of the African Americans in the jazz era This was a turning point of sorts he reflected this in his music Jazz was becoming very popular and the social norms were changing Louis Armstrong an African American was a highly sought after musician Similar to Louis Armstrong Langston Hughes also had a very evident reflection within his poetic expression He had the most influential writing his writing helped influence the African American artistic movement in the 1920s that celebrated black life and culture 1 He was similar to Armstrong in that he was on the turning point of the movement In Hughes writing he made it evident that he pushed for and had a strong sense of racial pride He went on to demonstrate this throughout his writing He showed his sense of pride and his push for equality He influenced politic with his celebration of African American culture all while he despised racism and injustice 1 

His depiction and dislike of racism made it evident that the African American population had enough of it His depiction within his writing of equality showed that the African Americans were ready to be seen as equals And his political views and representation of racial pride showed that he was proud of who he was and the times were changing Romare Bearden was an artist who found inspiration through jazz like Louis Armstrong and Langston Hughes Bearden though has a different was of representing the views of the times He grew up during the Harlem Renaissance and was a World War II veteran 5 In his representations of African American life of the time he often had images of Louis Armstrong He did art work that was mainly collages Bearden s collages bring to mind the pleasing graphic unity of patchwork quilts into which slaves once sewed coded messages about the Underground Railroad Meaning literally came out of the seams Bearden s dense multilayered art nodded toward codes and complexity This art represented a great deal of what the African Americans endured during the time from slavery to the time of equality 5

From the Harlem Renaisance to the time of equality the art of Louis Armstrong Langston Hughes and Romare Bearden were very influential in depicting the times Louis Armstrong made a statement that times were and had changed through his representation of Jazz Langston Hughes made a powerful political statement and showed a great deal of racial pride to depict the changing times and the place in history from which they started And last but not least the influence that Romare Bearden had a similar impact on the depiction of the history starting at slavery and moving toward racial equality Work Cited 1 Langston Hughes www americaslibrary gov aa hughes aa_hughes_subj html 2 Louis Armstrong s Impact on Jazz Mikegarvis blogs longwood edu lublogging 2012 04 27 louis armstrong E2 80 99s impact on jazz 3 Louis Armstrong PBS Public Broadcasting Service 10 Mar 2017 www pbs org wnet americanmasters louis armstrong about louis armstrong 528 4 The Harlem Renaissance Ushistory org Independence Hall Association www ushistory org us 46e asp 5 Ulaby Neda The Art of Romare Bearden NPR NPR 14 Sept 2003 www npr org templates story story php storyId 1428038

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