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Compiling an Annotated Bibliography High impact practices Student engagement and retention College Student Journal Retrieved from The study appears to focus on the impact of student engagement and retention A survey was compiled by the Behavioral Science Department after retrieving data from faculty and students The survey questions the curriculum design atmosphere for learning truancy and instructor s presence impact on retention Bonet 2016 Some cases had to be taken out of the study due to missing data leaving a total of 247 students for the correlational analysis Bonet 2016 There is potential for similar sampling techniques usage during the researcher s study due to surveys being a vital aspect of the study Many students are first generation college students and even immigrants that have relocated for educational purpose It is paramount that schools attempt to discover what impacts their success rates According to Bonet 2016 about forty five percent of the University of New York students are minority and or immigrants and many need both remedial and emotional support due to not being prepared for college Deficiencies such as these are often improved by using the correct pedagogical strategy No methodology was listed but it appeared to be a mix method approach Kohn A 2011 The case against grades Educational Leadership 69 3 28 33 Retrieved from http eds b ebscohost com ehost pdfviewer pdfviewer vid 0 sid 27a437de c99a 4212 bde4 4c684c174bfb 40sessionmgr102 The article covers the grading system and the deficiencies that come with the current structure Kohn 2011 believes that the sharing of data does not always mandate grades and collecting data does not mandate tests 

The author expresses these relics are not needed nor wanted Grades appear to diminish learning and create a bias for seeking the easiest possible objective and reduces the quality of comprehension Kohn 2011 Grades have not always equated to preparing students for life outside of the classroom Kohn 2011 states the pursuit of excellence and understanding can be undermined by too much emphasize on assessments This article gives great insight for future research but lacks original content and is merely supplemental Kohn 2011 believes shifting our focus from measurements to pedagogical psychological questioning would be more beneficial for the students No methodology listed and the researcher will use this as a reminder to reduce personal biases and include actual facts Miller n 2017 A model for improving student retention in adult accelerated education programs Education 138 1 104 114 Retrieved from http eds b ebscohost com eho st pdfviewer pdfviewer vid 0 sid bdffae02 ccc1 4d47 9beb ba0d0433b0e3 40session mgr103 Miller concentrates on the retention of adult learners in the educational field He even goes into great detail about the need of an andragogy approach Andragogy is preferred when attempting to help adults learn Miller 2017 Andragogy is also a separating term between children and adults when it comes to educational learning Miller 2017 There is often no right or wrong way to teach but one has to find the most fitting for both teacher and student This article did not lend theoretical framework but it did appear the author was trying to persuade the audience Miller 2017 questions are adults practical self directed solution orientated and need reinforces on subject matter The researcher s study is going to be tailored around mentees and learning how one learns shows to be beneficial Miller lends a criteria checklist that helps reveal needed changes The checklist appears to be great for future research Pippin T 2014 Roundtable on pedagogy Response Renounce grading Journal Of The American Academy of Religion 82 2 348 355 Retrieved from http eds b ebscoh ost com ehost pdfviewer pdfviewer vid 0 sid 56325532 1e03 4a5e 8519 63e7f18 e19b7 40sessionmgr103 Pippen also highlights the needed changes to the grading system

The Significance placed on grades affect students college acceptance self esteem and career offers Pippen 2014 believes grades due not equate to creativity Professors are often times afraid to deviate form the given agenda due to the potential of it influencing the grades Pippen 2014 The study appears to be an introductory study for others to follow up on an add knowledge to on a later date Flexibility in grading welcomes needed changes in the classroom This article could be used to assist the researcher s future study Due to many mentees coming from different cultures it is important for the landscape to be adaptable and give the mentees the best chances to have a successful experience Peer grading and self grading could also help with the learning of ones mistakes This lends empowerment and understanding from themselves or own age group Wilkinson T 2011 Pass fail grading Not everything that counts can be counted Medical Education 45 9 860 862 doi 10 1111 j 1365 2923 2011 04018 x Wilkerson illustrates the pass fail grading model within the medical educational field The evaluation rubrics and grading standards were simplified by using the pass fail 50 or higher does not always equate to a passing grade under this model The pass fail attempts to give an independent outcome to each student There are many variables involved in the grading system The article expresses the need for pass fail and percentage grading systems The researcher found this interesting because it showed how a mentee making a passing grade does not always equate to them scoring a 70 or above There appears to be multiple intangibles encompassed in the pass fail grading system Professionalism and emotional intelligence are extremely hard to count in numbers and multiple choice variations but are often important attributes in ones make up Wilkerson 2011

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