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The system must be able to perform its functions with high performance So the application must be connected to the server using websockets protocol so it could only behave if there is new data received by the server rather than long pooling or making so many http requests regardless if there is new data came or not to improve the performance ii Availability The android device must be able to perform the Request transactions even if there is no connection or opened socket with the server The android system must save the transactions in the mobile for later synchronization with the server iii Security The system must have a security mechanism for the data stored in it e g passwords The system must secure the communication layer between the server the web browsers and the android devices iv Usability The system design must consider the quality components of usability The first component is learnability which means how easy is it for users to perform basic tasks the first time they face the design The second is the efficiency refers to how quickly can they perform tasks The third is the memorability which is refer to how easily can they re establish proficiency The fourth component is the errors which is refer to how many errors do users make how severe are these errors and how easily can they recover from the errors The last one is the satisfaction which is refers to how pleasant is it to use the design Nielsen 2003 3 3 8 Logical Database Requirements The database server must be able to handle the Customer Request data that comes daily from the android devices The system requires speed at the insertion processes performed by the database engine

Along with the backup and security processes 3 3 9 Software Requirements i Java EE 7 Java Enterprise Edition is a group of technologies for server side Java implementation This group of technologies contains JavaServer Faces JSF Enterprise JavaBeans EJBs the Java Messaging Service JMS the Java Persistence API JPA the Java API for WebSocket Contexts and Dependency Injection CDI the Java API for XML Web Services JAX WS the Java API for RESTful Web Services JAX RS and the Java API for JSON Processing JSON P among others WebSockets were introduced as part of the HTML5 specification they provide full duplex communication between the client and the server 14 ii GlassFish Server Edition 4 GlassFish is the Java EE 7 reference implementation as such it implements the latest Java EE APIs before any other application server in the market GlassFish being available free of charge it offers the following benefits GlassFish is the Java EE reference implementation What this means is that other application servers may use GlassFish to make sure their product complies with the specification GlassFish could theoretically be used to debug other application servers 14 iii Android Operating System Android is an operating system for mobile devices

The various components of Android are designed as a stack with the Applications is the top layer of the stack and the Linux kernel forms the lowest layer The Android applications are written using the Java programming language Developers have full access to the same framework APIs used by the core applications The application architecture is designed to simplify the reuse of components the capabilities of any application can be published and then be made use of by any other application subject to security constraints enforced by the framework This same mechanism allows components to be replaced by the user 15 v MySQL Database Server Is an open source relational database management system RDBMS It is the world s most popular open source database enabling the cost effective delivery of reliable high performance and scalable Web based and embedded database applications MySQL offers a best of all world s scenario It runs on many platforms and it is stable The documentation for MySQL is excellent MySQL AB offers high quality support for their products including a service that allows MySQL developers to log in to your server to correct problems and proactively help with optimization MySQL is gaining RDBMS market share because it offers stability support and low cost 16 vi Web Sockets 

The WebSocket Protocol is designed to supersede existing bidirectional communication technologies that use HTTP as a transport layer to benefit from existing infrastructure proxies filtering and authentication Such technologies were implemented as trade offs between efficiency and reliability because HTTP was not initially meant to be used for bidirectional communication The WebSocket Protocol attempts to address the goals of existing bidirectional HTTP technologies in the context of the existing HTTP infrastructure as such it is designed to work over HTTP ports 80 and 443 as well as to support HTTP proxies and intermediaries even if this implies some complexity specific to the current environment However the design does not limit WebSocket to HTTP and future implementations could use a simpler handshake over a dedicated port without reinventing the entire protocol This last point is important because the traffic patterns of interactive messaging do not closely match standard HTTP traffic and can induce loads on some components 17 vii We use Google Maps for location services Google Maps API is a web mapping service developed by Google It offers satellite imagery and street Google launched the Google Maps API in June 2005 to allow developers to integrate Google Maps into their websites or Mobile Apps It is a free service By using the Google Maps API it is possible to embed Google Maps site into an external website or Mobile Apps Although initially only a JavaScript API The Google Maps API is free for commercial use

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