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The tone that the author is trying to establish in the opening paragraph of this short story is friendly It is important to start the story this way so you see that their boxing match is a problem later in the story Paragraph 1 They were so together in friendship that they felt themselves to be brothers This shows that they are friendly with each other The author illustrates the initial conflict between Felix and Antonio in paragraphs 6 7 where he writes Now after a series of elimination bouts they had been informed that they were to meet each other in the division finals that were scheduled for the seventh of August two weeks away the winner to represent the Boys Club in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament The two boys continued to run together along the East River Drive But even when joking with each other they both sensed a wall rising between them The three uses of the transition while are Paragraph 2 Antonio was fair lean and lanky while Felix was dark short and husky Antonio's hair was always falling over his eyes while Felix wore his black hair in a natural Afro style These while s are showing the differences between Felix and Antonio paragraph 4 While some youngsters were into street negatives Antonio and Felix slept ate rapped and dreamt positive This shows the differences between Antonio Felix and most youngsters Antonio and Felix are different from the rest of the teenagers in in their community because they are very positive people and the rest of them are not paragraph 4 While some youngsters were into street negatives Antonio and Felix slept ate rapped and dreamt positive 

The reader can infer that Antonio admires Felix s readiness to pull his weight in a fight much like the tugboat pulling the barge The text evidence to support the idea that the boys resolve their internal conflicts differently is Felix Paragraph 43 It was Felix the Champion vs Antonio the Challenger When Felix finally left the theater he had figured out how to psych himself for tomorrow s fight While watching a movie Felix fantasizes that he becomes the champion of the fight against Felix and that is how he psyched himself Antonio paragraph 46 He tried not to think of Felix feeling he had succeeded in psyching his mind A gnawing doubt crept in He cut negative thinking real quick by doing some speedy fancy dance steps Felix his amigo brother was not going to be Felix at all in the ring Just an opponent with another face Antonio decides that he will fight like his opponent is NOT his best friend While both boys are fighting hard and trying their best Felix uses his slugging skills sending punches mostly to the body and Antonio moves with grace using his long reach to his advantage Paragraph 5 Antonio's lean form and long reach made him the better boxer while Felix s short muscular frame made him the better slugger Paragraph 49 Antonio s fans bet with unbridled faith in his boxing skills On the other side Felix s admirers bet on his dynamite packed fists The point at which Felix realized that their friendship would not affect their fight was When Felix charged at Antonio at the opening bell and missed then Antonio punched and countered sending a mild shock coursing through Felix We know that it is this point because in paragraph 69 the text states If Felix had any small doubt about their friendship affecting their fight it was being neatly dispelled 

The friends continue fighting because they have given their word that they will do their best Their respect for the sport and each other would not allow them to give up Page 19 It's fair Tony When we get into the ring it's gotta be like we never met We gotta be like two heavy strangers that want the same thing and only one can have it You understand don't cha Sì I know Tony smiled No pulling punches We go all the way The reader would expect that the boys would continue to fight based on the level of hatred in the final round instead they hug each other and walk out of the ring without finding out who was champion Page 26 The referee was stunned by their savagery A cry of alarm surged through Tompkins Square park Was this a fight to the death instead of a boxing match The fear soon gave way to wave upon wave of cheering as the two amigos embraced The announcer turned to point to the winner and found himself alone Arm in arm the champions had already left the ring The boys separate with a hug and at the end of the fight they reunite with a hug These embraces illustrate the strength of their friendship They are able to put their rivalry aside and due to their strong bond and respect for one another Paragraph 33 The amigo brothers were not ashamed to hug each other tightly Paragraph 99 The fear soon gave way to wave upon wave of cheering as the two amigos embraced

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