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The Trojan Horse The Trojan Horse was a large vacant horse that was constructed by a Greek soldier named Epeius This horse was left on the coast of the island where the Greeks and Trojans were fighting The Greeks had hopes of leaving this seemingly empty horse as an example of their surrender However Epeius built this horse so many Greek soldiers could hide in it to attack the Trojans Later the Trojans accepted the gift and were ambushed by the hiding Greek soldiers Labors Of Hercules The Greek Goddess of Marriage and Birth named Hera was wife of Zeus and queen of the ancient Greek gods She was known for her jealous and unforgiving nature Her powerful character was so manipulative that she caused Hercules to kill his own wife and children When Hercules realized the trouble he caused he seeked forgiveness by praying to the God Apollo He was then told he would have to serve the king of Tiryns and Mycenae This king gave Hercules a sentence of twelve Labors that were impossible but helped Hercules acquire fame and immortality Romeo and Juliet In a dramatic and romantic play Shakespeare is able to utilize the idea of star crossed lovers to bring out the pain and love these young adults endured In this play Shakespeare twisted the love story by making a feud happen between the families of these two adults that will make their love and destiny complicated Eventually Shakespeare turns the ending of the play into a tragedy by making the two lovers passionate affections for each other end in death Dove Only a couple of symbols have a meaningful tradition like the dove

The dove has been shared and adapted to assimilate into many cultures and belief systems For instance in Judeo Christian the dove represents peace and hope because of the way Noah utilized the bird when he was in the ark escaping the floods When Noah believed the weather had calmed down he sent out the dove The dove then later brought an olive branch By bringing the olive branch it brought Noah hope for what laid ahead of him Water For many years water has been described as one of the major religious symbols and very central to to Christian life The water has been utilized as a symbol of life For instance when individuals get baptized the water is a method to be more connected to God by being cleansed Also water is a vital liquid that helps regenerate our well being Bread Similar to the dove the meaning behind the bread and what it symbolizes has been adapted to fit into the religious beliefs of other individuals For instance in Judeo Christian the bread is interpreted as a symbol of fruitfulness or having the capability of having many fertility chances One prime example of this is when people in English say a bun in the oven By saying this expression individuals are referring to the bread as a child in the mother s stomach Lear Lear is about a tragic play by William Shakespeare 

This play uses the theme of power to encapsulate the relationship between parents and their offspring For instance King Lear is a British king who is controlled by two of his greedy daughters At one point King Lear decides to give all of his wealth to his two greedy daughters but did not give any to his other loyal daughter Afterwards King Lear is so manipulated by his two greedy daughters that him and his loyal daughter are killed in a battle due to his older daughters greediness Iago Iago is a villain in Shakespeare s tragic play called Othello However Iago is not the stereotypical villain in this play because he is attributed to have an honest and reliable reputation Though many thought he was trustworthy Iago turned out to a manipulative person so he could work things in his favor He would lie and cheat so he could have the desired outcomes he wanted Snake The snake is a symbol that has taken the role of being good or bad For example in Judeo Christian the snake is referred to have an evil role because of how he was presented in the bible story of Adam and Eve The snake was referred to as a tool of Satan because of how he tried to convince Eve to not obey God As a result of portraying the snake as an evil object in this story individuals develop a bad connotation to the snake Ambrosia In Greek mythology it seemed that every God and Goddess had the capability of being immortal despite some being part human However in these Greek mythology stories the Gods and Goddesses were able to remain immortal due to a honey flavored food called ambrosia Ambrosia was acquired by doves and later distributed to all the Gods and Goddesses by Zeus

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