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Living alone is universally considered one of the biggest factors causing unhappiness What role does family play in Latin America This statement will be looked at in depth and further research will be made to enable a greater understanding on the subject several points will be looked at such as the true meaning of happiness and what impacts individual s happiness A further look into what role the family have on each individual for example whether it is a positive or negative impact This will generate a better grasp on the matter which will allow a conclusion to be drawn on whether the above statement is accurate What is happiness To be able to comprehend what unhappiness is an in depth look at what the meaning of happiness is it is important in order to have an extensive look and comprehend unhappiness 2 In psychology happiness is a concept with a few definitions In psychology happiness is a positive feeling that is more profound than a momentary emotion In mental health happiness is one of the most important concepts and has been described as a sustainable and pleasant state of mind 3 This includes positive emotions such as peace joyfulness enthusiasm in life as well as a sense of involvement 4 According to various psychologists it is believed that there are 3 crucial components which are emotional social and cognitive conceptions 

The emotional part causes a positive enthusiastic state while the social pat has prompted broad and positive social associations with others The psychological part makes the individual decipher ordinary occasions with idealism 5 In research and studies happiness is often referred to as well being although well being is mainly used when speaking about physical factors whereas happiness is utilised in connection with mental factors 6 Past investigations have indicated a few impacts of happiness for human life including enhancing physical and mental health enhancing rest quality diminishing levels of stress hormones 7 enhance the individuals quality of life 9 and heightened life fulfilment 10 According to Sonja Lyubomirsky a professor of psychology at the university of California defines happiness as the experience of joy contentment or positive well being combined with a sense that one's life is good meaningful and worthwhile This includes being well adjusted to society and are able to relate well to others and feel satisfied with themselves and their role in society reference Furthermore other psychological researchers talk about two key components which ae feeling of happiness and having thoughts of satisfaction with life Mahatma Gandhi explains that happiness is when you think what you say and what you do are in harmony reference 

The author Ayn Rand has said that happiness is that statue of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values reference The Oxford dictionary happiness defines happiness as the state of being happy such as being content or having a satisfying or pleasurable experience reference All the definitions of happiness that have been given above show that each individual has their own particular meaning of what makes people happy In any case the extensive research on happiness that has been done has demonstrated that there are unquestionable needs that have to be fulfilled for the state of happiness to be successfully achieved This is in relation to long term happiness Now that the definition of happiness has been discussed the next step is to look at what actually makes humans happy Psychological studies reinforce that people are happiest when the following occurs anything that pleases the five senses such as food engaging in an enjoyable experience such as sport relationships this can either be family or friends having a meaning or purpose in life such as following a particular religion and the sense of accomplishment such as completing goals set etc 

Social support does not just give someone happiness but it could be more instrumental to give happiness to others Brown et al 2003 Larson Mannell Zuzanek 1986 did a study happiness in which they randomly asked people about their mood People who were alone were found to be the unhappiest in contrast those surrounded by friends and then by family members were the happiest According to a study Jackson Soderlind Weiss 2000 Horesh Apter 2006 in order for people to avoid feeling lonely people only require one close relationship whether that s a sibling friend or partner and various other more distant friendships During this study it was discovered that in order for a close relationship to blossom there has to be a readiness from both parties to expose each individual's personal feelings and issues if the individuals did not open up to their friends about their personal life people would not have that connection with others and would still feel lonely

On the contrary a study not so different from the one spoken about above revealed that although they had friends around them it was usually about impersonal topics such as sports and music and not the individual s personal life Maintaining a good relationship with their spouse plays a vital role in someone's happiness and life satisfaction Ruesch et al 2016 Stillman et al 2009 explains how social exclusion can have a negative impact on someone and can lead to loneliness This research undertaken shows four different occasions in which individuals face exclusion or rejection which lead to loneliness which showed an increase in depression Identify the stimulus of happiness by comparing it to the stimulus when alone What does family provide for an individual For each point made add 5 sentences to add to the word count Add point that having family or being surrounded by others can still make people feel alone if these things are not consistent Conclusion

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