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In a society where new technologies and sleek innovations are taking over it is almost certain that people forget the traditions that were such key components in the United States’s upcoming The United States Postal Service was once an aspiring tradition that allowed many people to communicate with one another In occasions like being in the army or being in places where there was no source of communication mail delivery came in handy Needless to say the high standards that the USPS once made are slowly being left behind With more people migrating to the internet and using email they are forgetting the true representation that comes with the USPS It is crucial that we not allow the USPS legacy to fade As a whole society most come together and provide support to maintain traditions and symbols of the United States By applying modern principles and upgrading the company's image the USPS will be back to being what it once was a great innovation The United States Postal Service not only delivers mail opens P O boxes and receives money orders but it also serves as a symbol of our country's development and how far we have come throughout the centuries If the USPS considered cutting back on delivery days and other services what would happened to this tradition 

For some people The United States Postal Service is more than just a delivery service while some are very interested in new and improved ways to receive their mail there are still many who have not forgotten the significance that the USPS brings To some people it's more than just mailing and receiving it's about taking the time to write a letter and enjoy every moment that comes with it According to Kevin Cullen in source F Email is fast and simple but to me and old fashioned hand written letter has value in this speed obsessed world With the changes occurring it has become easy to forget what it was like to sit and take the time to write a real letter It significance has been lost in a wave of new innovations Therefore in order to remind Americans what it was once like to receive and deliver a real letter they must be reminded of what once was so intriguing By upgrading the companies image to modern day expectations people will be well aware of its importance In a way the United States Postal Service connects all of the American people With the USPS delivery service the citizens of The United States can all say that the one thing they have in common is that they all receive their mail from the same place

When thinking about the USPS we fail to recognize those who actually deliver our mail We hardly ever give recognition where it is due and in this case we forget to motivate the staff With this comes disorganization if the delivery service is decreasing less people have the ability to do their jobs Between 1790 and 1860 The number of post offices in the United States grew from 75 to over 28 000 With this growth came job opportunities for postal workers However as new innovations came to be the number of postal workers decreased heavily According to the graph in Source B the number of USPS employees in the year 2000 through 2009 decreased by a total of 164 410 people Since less people considered the U S Postal Service as a way to send and retrieve their mail less people were able to do their jobs The USPS works as a balance if more people use the postal services more people will be needed to deliver mail By using the services that the U S postal service provides you are helping other Americans keep their jobs Source D

Not only are people offering their support by taking advantage of the USPS but they are also supporting other small business In order to meet the new and improved standards in today's time the USPS must modernize and restore its image If the company fails to provide something the people can be be intrigued by there is no way people would want to utilize their services According to source A Stone claims that A company's brand is its most valuable tool or its biggest liability Promotions in newspapers or billboards can help the USPS get out there In other words recognition from things that most people see or read are useful assets to helping rebrand the U S Postal Service As we all know the USPS serves for several purposes The U S Postal Service has and hopes to always be an important tradition and symbol of the United States In a world like the one we live in today it is crucial that companies learn to adapt to modern expectations As new traditions are created things from the old times are expected to live up to the new modifications Although it will not be easy the best way in which the USPS can continue to be symbolic is if it the company's image is refreshed and if it is well organized

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