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The use of social media has increased over the years and usually takes place while being in the workplace People now comment share like and tweet every aspect of their lives on social media According to Polk Lepson Research Group 2013 IT abuses have increased over the past five years among new college graduates Major Findings A growing concern for employers is how to manage their employees social media use and its potential impact on their brand This brings to light the need for all companies to have their own social media policy or process in place The enormous growth and accessibility of social media are the primary causes attributed to the emerging issue of social network vs company rights Social media is used to share information and facilitate communication both internally and externally Additionally collaborative technologies are effective channels for teamwork understanding and building relationships Organizations that utilize social media need to constantly assess the benefits and manage potential risks Benefits include open communication professional networking access to a broader audience and fostering diversity and inclusion Risks include lower employee productivity compromised network and data security and a variety of legal issues 

The most effective way to minimize risks is for organizations to create and implement a clear social media use policy SHRM 2016 Social media policies should comprehensively address any potential issues They should include a code of conduct for employee personal and professional use a notice to monitor by the employer guidelines for communication and guidelines for handling feedback According to SHRM 2016 a social media survey conducted in 2011 showed forty percent of organizations have a formal social media policy Social media can be used as a platform for negativity Organizations need to acknowledge and address this risk in their social media policy and employees need to be aware of these boundaries Also policies should include legal consequences for misuse SHRM 2016 The first alternative that a company can explore would be to disable the use of certain websites Encouraging each employee to interact and market through LinkedIn or Plaxo platforms to share his or her company's information with prospective new clients new hire and or transfers This gives employees and the company security from being hacked and or subject to virus attacking their network

The company has full access to the outgoing and incoming submissions The second alternative would be to implement the same disabling software for all work computers and cellphones but adding in the option of accessing them when on lunch or break The computer will read when an employee is clocked out and when they should be clocked in and will enable disable accordingly The company would have full access to monitor and audit on working hours For the second alternative the company can incorporate a training program that explains when employees are are not allowed to access certain sites Also they can inform the employees when they are being monitored Doing this will keep the employee and employer safe from being responsible for invasion of privacy The alternative recommended to correct the emerging issue on social network vs company policy is the second alternative of the security software that prevents employees from entering social networks not approved by the company The reason for choosing the second alternative is to comply with company standards and policies on social media as well as enabling the employees with their right to use their devices on their breaks or personal time 

During the training program trainers will communicate how to utilize the program and the importance of complying with the company standards All disciplinary action processes will apply to violations against the social network program When considering the growth of social networks companies need to grow with the trend but also protect their privacy as well as the privacy of their employees The recommended actions should be implemented immediately New recommendations or alternative actions to solve the problem should be implemented with existing staff going forward New hires should receive the social media policy during orientation or training That way they can be notified on time and know what the policy is In an article it states that most organizations with a kind of formal structure in regards social networking they have a policy in place for working with media and should already be in place if changes made or future changes it should occur ASAP Lauby 2009 Which is true any type of changes new policies new recommended actions or anything that has to do with having to assess problem solving for a cause of an issue it should be notified and be implemented as soon as possible By implementing security software and placing accessibility access companies will prevent future IT abuses within their workplace The use of social media will only increase as years go on but taking these precautions will be valuable to both the employee and employer in the long run

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