Essay Example on The USF Recreation Gym is a designed floor Plan









The USF Recreation Gym is a designed floor plan that allows for students to properly find the machine according to the different floors and sections of the facility In this physical space is a front desk on the upper level that allows for students to inform this is where you either ask for help or receive a membership Without having an ID students are not allowed in Providing this space is only for a specific audience Each floor and section are designed for working different parts of the body and encourage students to use different exercise by having a wide variety of activities In the passage The Psychopathology of Everyday Things Norman explains to us just how much a design can make or break a space The gym is one design that is used for an intended audience as well as Instagram being an app on our phones Both spaces allow for a function to happen while the action is taking part in the space Being in the gym allows for student to use different forms of media while resting from set to set This social media space allows for a photo perspective of someone s life rather than communicating through words such as Facebook for example Instagram as just recently become another platform using different space techniques than Facebook For insists Instagram allows for individuals to post photos of their life and allow of little to no communication besides leaving a comment or messaging someone 

Little to no interaction is done between the person viewing or posting This has been wondering how a space with little to no communication is a popular product by consumers than one of which individuals can communication using text and photos In this facility students are encourage to fit every students needs by utilizing different spaces for different activities For example there is a basketball court volleyball court racquetball fitness classes all designed for different audience Norman said if you create a space in which can be applied to a vast variety of individuals you will be able to hit the intended target for the space Each machine has directions on how to use the equipment in case of confusion Norman talks about having a design or product that requires little to no control panel to not confuse the audience The design is to help break down the design of the gym into other design to allow for the students to navigate their way from machine to machine This in return for a result that encourages students to finish their workout in a timely manner and allow students to have the result they need to reach their goals Like I was saying in the beginner of this paragraph these machines are supposed to keep the students safe by having the directions or staff there to help answer any other questions Most people walking into this space already have an idea of how some of the designs are going to be set up Each gym has a desk placed in the front for checking in individuals or being of help for questions This is also a space where they can market new potential members the second they walk into those doors

The social media aspect of Instagram was to have space in which individuals could use different types of communication For example Instagram could be used as a space for an intended audience who are visual learners and what new information about someone quickly Instagram can be used as a marketing space for both boutiques hair styles wedding profiles and etc The lists goes on for ways of reaching consumers through social media These are how business owners stay alive because of how a product and grab and consumers attention by having the photo and website where this product can be found Each social media platform all create a space in which is given an intended audience For the USF Recreation gym each person knew the importance of intended goal of being in this space It was a space in which people were able to build their physical and emotionally being all in one place Each space had a different audience design to the rooms There were aisle of equipment making every student able to perform the intended task Norman used the ability to make a positive design that made sure every consumer was capable of having the task be completing using simple material and steps When you walk into the gym you see individuals on the treadmill and think how you want to go running because you saw others running and using the space that was the goal of the product The gym allows for consumers to try out new things because they witness someone else doing this action and want to imitate the other person I did notice how having different spaces functions the same as social media For insists each had similarities by allowing for the intended audience to gather information and use it to their best ability In both spaces we do not communication with individual We simply log in or walk in and get what are goal was using these spaces and leave to go to another space for a different task These designs are suppose we help utilize the space to the fullest potential while having the results we as consumers need Overall both designs have flaws and similarities that help us further understand and comprehend the task being provided to us

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