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The Wizard of Oz is a fantasy book where a girl named Dorothy experiences an unexpected adventure in her life This book takes place in Kansas and the Land Of Oz where all the adventure starts As a tornado strikes Kansas the place where Dorothy lives along with her aunt and uncle Dorothy her dog and their house blows away and lands on top of the Wicked Witch of the East in Munchkin Country Not knowing in what world she is Dorothy only has one wish to go back to her house Later Dorothy meets Glinda the Good Witch of the South who gives Dorothy a pair of silver slippers and tells her to go to the Land of Oz by the way of the Yellow Bridge to see the Wizard of Oz to have her wish come true On her journey she meets Scarecrow who wants a brain Tin Woodman who wants a heart and Cowardly Lion who want courage who also have wishes that they hope the Wizard will solve After they arrived the Wizard tells them that he will only help them if they also kill the Wicked Witch of West As Dorothy and her friends come through many obstacles such as flying monkeys talking trees and many more they successfully kill the Wicked Witch of West As they return back to the Wizard he grants all their wishes 

The Scarecrow gets a brain the Tinman gets a heart the Cowardly Lion gets more courage and the Wizard Dorothy and Toto fly back to Kansas in a balloon On their way Toto unexpectedly jumps off the balloon so Dorothy gets off as she follows her dog Then she sees Glinda who simply tells Dorothy to tap her silver shoes and say her wish out loud to have her wish come true As Dorothy follows Glinda s advice she sees herself back in Kansas and awakes to her surprise as this being her great dream The setting of this book takes place in 2 different locations Kansas and the Land of Oz Both locations affect the plot in many different ways For an example of Kansas Dorothy s family lived on the outskirts of Kansas so they had to be the most affected by the cyclone which led to the starting of this entire story Uncle Henry sat upon the doorstep and looked anxiously at the sky which was even grayer than usual Dorothy stood in the door with Toto in her arms and looked at the sky too Aunt Em was washing the dishes From the far north they heard a low wail of the wind and Uncle Henry and Dorothy could see where the long grass bowed in waves before the coming storm There now came a sharp whistling in the air from the south and as they turned their eyes that way they saw ripples in the grass coming from that direction also Suddenly Uncle Henry stood up 

There's A cyclone coming Em he called to his wife I ll go look after the stock Then he ran toward the sheds where the cows and horses were kept pg 3 This shows that as they lived on the outskirts of Kansas one day an unexpected cyclone hit and destroyed their entire living Some quotes in the book of the Wizard of Oz which show us some of the literary terms which we know learned are brains do not make one happy and happiness is one of the best things in the world The Tin Woodman pg 62 This quote represents anadiplosis happy to happiness This quote shows the debate between the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman of which is better having a heart or brain I think the author included this quotation to show that everything in your life is important having a brain will have you to get more general or educational knowledge and having a heart lets you have to feel towards one another instead of being selfish Another quote in this book is We dare not to harm this girl he said to them for she is protected by the Power of Good and that is greater than the Power of Evil The King of the Winged Monkeys pg 149 This quote shows the literary device of Good versus Evil I think the author included this quote to show that the positive is always greater than the negative in this case the Good Witch of the South is more powerful than the Wicked Witch of the West since the good witch thinks in a positive way unlike the Wicked Witch who is always negative Now these are the some of the quotes which include some of the literary terms which we have learned about In the book of the Wizard of Oz my favorite part is when Dorothy meets her new friends and defeats many obstacles with them This shows the power of friendship as they altogether defeated their troubles Later in the book everyone was happy as the Wizard accepted their wishes In my opinion a person who likes adventure fantasies and fantasy worlds will love this book They will enjoy the setting and the characters of this book as the entire plot are in a fictional theme

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