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The wrench is a very practical tool that helps to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts of any object They can be used for domestic mechanical and industrial purposes There are numerous variations of wrenches that can be found in the market and one of the most widely used models is the torque wrench This is an exceptional type of wrench that has an indicator to guide the user when to discontinue the tightening process after the right torque has been effectively applied Definition of torque wrench It's usually an uncomfortable situation to be in if you re talking to someone about something and they are using words or terms of which you don t know the meaning so before we get into talking about hydraulic torque wrenches let s first start by looking at what exactly a torque wrench is A torque wrench is a wrench which is designed to apply a certain amount of force known as torque to a nut or bolt When non mechanical individuals hear the word torque they usually assume isn't that the same as horsepower Torque does in general is the force rotating something about an axis for instance the wheels of your car or truck but that word can speak of anything in that situation not only how powerful your car's engine is A wrench is a tool that is used for mechanical and electrical purposes to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts

The torque wrench is also a type of wrench that has a special indicator feature that tells the user that he has applied a certain level of torque on the nut or the bolt This wrench helps you to avoid any kind of extra tightening of the nut or the bolt that may cause damage to it A torque wrench can be used where the tightness of bolts and nuts is important It enables the operator to measure the torque used on the fastener so that it can suit the specifications for a particular use This allows proper tension and loading of all the parts A torque wrench assesses torque as a proxy for bolt tension The process suffers from inaccuracy as a result of inconsistent or uncalibrated friction between the fastener as well as its mating hole Calibrating bolt tension indirectly through bolt stretch is precisely what is desired but often torque happens to be the only practicable measurement which can be made Most manufacturers will definitely have torque specific features listed for specific fasteners Torque wrenches are employed to tighten fasteners thoroughly without over tightening and breaking up the fastener For example if you re tightening two pipe flanges altogether the pipe flanges should have five bolts and nuts merging them together A torque wrench will make sure all five bolts and nuts are equally tightened Tips for Using a Torque Wrench for the Beginner It is important to talk about some basic tips for using a torque wrench in case you are not familiar with how to best ensure that you are tightening your fastener properly If you are going to need to use a torque wrench for whatever job you are working on you will want to be sure that you are using it properly 

The torque specifications to which you are tightening to may be involved with determining bearing clearances in which case the proper use of a torque wrench is not only important but required So here are the basic tips to know Tip 1 When grabbing the torque wrench make sure you grab far down the shaft not up by the dial Grabbing low gives you more leverage and control over the wrench and fastener Tip 2 When you are looking at your project tighten the nuts or bolts down in a sequence that will apply load or pressure evenly across the item Do not use it in a pure clockwise or counter clockwise direction Whatever is been tightened needs to move down evenly or your readings may be off significantly Tip 3 When working on a series of bolts or nuts tighten them until they are snug and then go back over them for a final tightening and reading This is once again to assure that you are placing an even load on the surface you are working on This is good general information but becomes absolutely necessary when using a torque wrench on a surface that requires specific torque pressure Tip 4 

When using your torque wrench makes sure that the bolt or nut moves freely along the threads you are tightening against I like to use an assembly lube specifically designed for this application If the fastener has resistance in its movement along the threads your torque readings will take that resistance into account as metered torque and while the readings might otherwise indicate that the fastener is properly torque it won't be Different Types of Torque Wrench Apart from knowing how to use this tool it is also important to learn about the different models available Torque wrenches have been in existence for nearly a century There are several different types in use today They range from the simplest the beam type to the advanced programmable electronic torque angle wrench Determined by the application other torque tools are available today There are different types of wrench devices that have certain features and are designed for varied projects 1 The Beam Torque Wrench The beam type is the first of them that is made of a long lever arm specifically between the handle and the head Moreover it is made of a material that comes with the ability to bend flexibly each time some torque is applied to it There exists a small bar with an indicator that has been connected to the back of the head of the wrench This indicator is placed parallel to the lever arm therefore the smaller bar does not come under stress

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