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Depending on the final use of graphic images changes the format another factor delivery on the network When graphic images are used on the Internet it must be downloaded from the site server in this way the viewer can see the content If the user has an Internet connection it is graphical Images may take some time to download compared to 3G or high speed broadband Like me They say some formats all of them are different in size the larger file size will take longer but the speed may be different depending on what type of Internet connection is used Formats best for online use PNG JPEG and GIF In JPEG format it is good has a small file size but some quality can be done in this format the PNG format is Again a small file size but this format allows you to use transparency in graphics unlike other formats and finally GIF is good because the file is very small and the download speed is The graphics are very fast however as I said you are limited to a small range of colors Magazines Graphic images used in A4 and A5 magazines should be in stock The correct format is for the viewer to see the photos beautiful detail A good format for this will be TIFF it The format is very suitable for printing TIFF is good A graphics based on pixels may also have large files not qualitative unlike JPEG or GIFF format where file is small but you lose quality graphics and using TIFF you can have layers and alpha transparency Billboards Accumulation Ultra Large Image 

The graphic format for the magazine is different from the format that will be used in buildings for billboards since this schedule must be large but it should be clear JPEG will not be Be correct as when you increase you will be able to see the pixels that make up the graphic feed this is a very poor quality Format will be required which scales to large sizes in this way quality will not be lost After printing it is suggested that this format should be You have 72 150 dpi dots per inch the exact way to determine the resolution for the file that should be printed If the file is created in the illustrator then the file The format must be ESP or AI files because they scale us The large sizes are very easy keeping the quality however the BIT MAP format will be huge in size and it takes a lot of time to save and can cause a weak computers coincide in size WEB we are using web delivery very often for different purposes starting from sosial media and finishing with media sharing All of these areas need a catchy experience Nowadays people do not relay on word description but very often on pictures and how they are presented is key to success JPG is probably the most common image format used on the web JPG is compressed using what is called loss of compression which means that the quality of the loss always persists 

This loss is especially noticeable in the text and in small details Known as artefacts this loss of quality looks like small block elements JPEG compression is still optimized for photos making artifacts virtually invisible to the naked eye But do not forget every time the photo is saved the number of artifacts will increase Always leave a good idea to keep a copy of your original lossless compression JPG stores DPI information dots per inch and remains the standard format for printing However they do not support the transparency of the background and can not be easily applied to other elements When you save a JPG image it is definitely the best choice compared to a lossless format such as PNG PNG is another very common and versatile image format that is discovered on the Internet today With lossless compression you can save PNG and not lose quality However this in most cases will give a very large file size PNG is not an option when it comes to printing since it does not support the 4 color process CMYK PNG is the best format for screenshots and most computers will automatically save screenshots as PNGs PNG compression is optimized for graphic images and images that use less than 16 colors If you follow us on Facebook you are familiar with our weekly fonts GIF is a growing force on the Internet now

 Photos and full color images saved in GIF format will result in high compression with a noticeable loss of quality Unique feature of GIF is to be animated Despite the fact that in recent years this functionality has declined accurate and focused animation with a GIF image can only draw attention to the call to action or other event on your site TIF is known as the most popular image format is best used for commercial work and should not be used on the Internet Keep a copy of TIF for original photos as it provides lossless compression However if you are using the Internet be sure to export as JPG MOBILE PHONES Which one is the best format for using apps The question is whether this precision is needed in each individual case It turns out that the SVG format has such advantages as it is not very weigh so it will load faster looks good on high DPI displays fully flexible and scalable The PNG format has the following factor in its favor and is stability

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