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Since the beginning there have always been conflicting social classes From ancient societies to what we know today Marx's philosophy was made to solve this continued problem in history Before communism there were many different philosophies like capitalism and socialism which all included social classes The haves and have nots have been having an ongoing struggle for ages The definition of society is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community The order which is said is social classes Looking back and fast forwarding through time shows the true trend of classes throughout history and the struggle between them I agree with the idea that the history of all existing society is the history of class struggle In early modern European history people were very divided It was necessary for the minds of upper class people to steer clear of the less privileged and in some ways completely ignore them The upper class had many more chances to spread their word in such a public eye because of the situation they were born in It was very rare to move up in the class system and nearly impossible to make enough money to live a quality life in most homes A Thomas Hobbes said In such condition the life of man solitary poor nasty brutish and short 

This was coming from a man had much more access to education and fair living than most people at that time If this was what it seemed from the outside the inside view of life was unbearable Hobbes saw humans as naturally selfish and quick to fight which is what created such a division between people Even though a social contract was created there still was absolutism Absolutists are monarchs that hold complete control of the countries military finances and even religion This doesn't really leave much room for the people of lower classes who do not have royal blood to create a society that hears the peoples problems from the people who are the majority People really started to question their government during the enlightenment period It stressed reason and thought and the power of the individuals to solve problems During the French Revolution the French were sick of holding up the royals and nobility with the little money that they had while the Nobility had no intention of giving to the people and ended up using their power to support their extravagant needs The second estate was just two percent the population but owned twenty percent of the land and did not pay taxes The peasants make up eighty percent of the third estate but had was less land that they could work to make the money that they used half of to pay their taxes Such a problem was created that the first meeting of the estates general was held since 175 years before Even when this was meant to close the gap each estate only got one vote Because of this the national assembly was formed Even when the third estate because strong enough to create an independent assembly and make much needed solutions the king locked the third estate out of their meeting hall to stop the rebellion

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