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These Statues are not just stone and metal they celebrate an overly simplistic view of the Confederacy while ignoring enslavement and the terror that it actually stood for says New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu Anastasia 2 Confederate monuments are causing a lot of tension and conflict between Americans Some people think that they should be kept up because they are part of our history while others like Mitch Landrieu think that they aren t showing the correct history The monuments should be taken down because the fact that they are up is causing more violence Furthermore they need to be taken down because they are not showing the true history of the civil war they are ignoring the pain and suffering that the slaves went through lastly because they are emotionally affecting people The fact that the monuments are up is causing more violence For example the protest that happened in Charlottesville The two sides clashed first with angry chants then with water bottles fist and pepper spray Anastasia 

1 by having the monuments up they are causing Americans to use violence to get their voices heard However these protest can quickly elevate into something much bigger than just angry chants and water bottles For example what happened to Heather Heyer at the Charlottesville protest As chaos erupted a car driven by an alleged Nazi sympathizer plowed into the counter protesters killing one and injuring 19 others Anastasia 1 A supporter of the Confederate monuments decided to drive his car through the crowd that was against the monuments being up causing 32 year old Heather Heyer to get killed but that could ve been prevented if there were no Confederate monuments up Violence is one major reason why these monuments should be taken down but it s one of many Some people say like Robert Bonner a civil war reenactor from New Orleans When you start removing the history of the city you start losing where you came from and where you ve been Anastasia

4 however the monuments are only showing what happened to one side and ignoring what happened to African Americans so by keeping them up we are hiding parts of history and losing where America has come from and where it s been The monuments are honoring the bravery of the soldiers that fought in the war but the ones that they are honoring are white but there was also black soldiers that fought in the war too but their bravery and service don t get honored America is supposed to stand for freedom and equality but these monuments and the meaning behind them aren t showing that The monuments don t show the correct history only the parts that make the confederate looks good Violence isn t the only reason why the monuments should be taken down they also show the wrong parts of history The monuments are celebrating a simplistic view of the Confederacy However only some people are acknowledging that for example Alvin Tillery professor at African American studies at Northwestern University says that We never addressed the legacy of the civil war of slavery and what it means to the country now and what it meant then Anastasia 2 The monuments aren t showing what happened with slavery and the impact that it had on the country and the people and more people need to acknowledge that because it is apart of American history Furthermore people who are supporting the Confederate monuments believe that the civil war started over a fight for states rights

Anastasia 2 however the civil war started over slavery so if the monuments aren t portraying the correct parts of the civil war then we are not taking what happened in the past into consideration we are giving history the opportunity to repeat itself Finally these monuments should be removed because they are emotionally affecting people Even kids are being emotionally affected by these monuments For example Zyahna Bryant and African American 11th grader in Charlottesville feels the history of slavery shouldn t be celebrated she says I am offended every time I pass it I am reminded over and over again of the pain of my ancestors Anastasia 4 By having the monuments up people are feeling the pain that the slaves had to go through We are justifying the fact that people were beaten sold and treated like animals In addition grandfather Wilbert Scott says that When I see the flag and I see a bunch of white people associated around the flag will it make me nervous Yeah Demczuk Chavar The mere fact that the monuments are up is letting all the people that support the confederate surround them cause others to grow nervous If the monuments are offending and making the people that pay taxes so they can be there nervous then they shouldn't be up In conclusion confederate monuments should be taken down because the more monuments there is the more violence that occurs the monuments celebrate a simplistic view of the Confederacy and they are emotionally affecting people The Confederate monuments need to be taken down because they are reminding some people of the pain and terror America once stood for

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