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This day in the Mushroom Kingdom was bright The sun had just come up leaving a glimmering brightness on the Mushroom Kingdom Not very many people knew about the Mushroom Kingdom better yet the Mushroom world It was a strange and mystical place filled with otherworldly beings A few of these beings weren t otherworldly though Namely the couple of humans that lived there Princess Peach was well obviously the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom She was tall and had a headstrong approach to handling most problems in the kingdom Her castle was huge and she had a loyal following of Toads which were human like creatures that wore mushroom caps on their heads Then there was someone else Someone who was much less human He was King Bowser a huge turtle dragon hybrid He ruled an area not too far away from the Mushroom Kingdom And it seemed like every other week he wanted to kidnap Peach for his own selfish reasons He had a huge following one even bigger than Princess Peach s And to top it off he also had 7 very powerful Koopalings along with his very own son So how was he stopped 

Who would be able to rescue Princess Peach when she would inevitably be kidnapped Meet the Mario bros Mario and Luigi were basically the protectors of the Mushroom Kingdom always having to travel to Bowser's Castle to rescue Peach But they weren't alone Someone else lived with the Mario Bros and her name was Violet Unlike the Mario bros she wasn't as skilled but she still tried her hardest to save the day She had not lived with them until several months ago and the circumstances surrounding it were mysterious Also each of the three had elemental powers Mario had fire Luigi had electricity and Violet had ice Mario and Luigi had found theirs back during the Beanbean Kingdom incident Violet wasn't there at the time so she had found hers not too long after she came to the kingdom Anyway this day on the Mushroom Kingdom was thankfully peaceful The house that Mario Luigi and Violet lived in was relatively small though they were trying to get renovations on it But on this morning only Mario was sleeping in the house It took a little while for Mario to wake up considering that his alarm that he normally set didn't go off He woke up slowly almost considering going back to sleep for a couple minutes just to get that little bit of extra rest in before starting the day He turned over in his bed and looked at his alarm clock only to see that it was 10 18 

AM over two hours past the normal time he woke up Shoot Mario quickly arose out of his bed and ran to his drawer thankful that his bed was not on the top bunk He quickly put on his dress clothes which consisted of a plain red shirt a pair of blue overalls socks and shoes and his trusty red hat When he didn t see Violet or Luigi in their beds Mario assumed they had already gone out He walked out the door seeing the sun already high in the sky due to how late he woke up He walked over to his mailbox expecting to see at least one letter saying how he was our savior from a Toad or die Mario from one of Bowser's minions But nothing was in the mailbox today Mario almost thought something was suspicious about this until he realized Oh yeah today is Sunday Mario thought He inwardly smiled at his small mistake Then he thought that now would be a good time to walk to Toad Town It looked like today Bowser thankfully wasn't going to kidnap Peach so Mario decided he would try to spend some time with her He actually loved the Princess a lot He really wanted to start a relationship with her But it was pretty hard considering she was stolen every week Mario was sure

Bowser was going to try to marry her at some point but he knew he would be able to stop him at some point Mario thought it was kind of ironic how Luigi was in a relationship and he wasn't Luigi was in a relationship with Violet They were boyfriend and girlfriend and they hadn't done anything too serious yet They had gotten together a few months ago a little while after she had gotten to the Mushroom Kingdom After a little while of walking Mario finally got to Toad Town The place was normally lively sprawling with Toads Koopas and other friendly species that have decided not to follow Bowser But today it was not As Mario was walking through the town he was now sure that something was up Everything about this felt suspicious Mario started to get worried Did something happen to everyone Did Bowser plan a huge invasion Mario spend a while practically searching any place he could After cleaning out the entire town he realized there was one place that he had yet to check The castle He practically sprinted there something in the back of his mind thinking something horrible happened He opened the huge castle doors and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO

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