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Attention comrades Attention This is your doubleplusgood Big Brother speaking Does anyone of you know what glorious event is on the horizon Our fenomenal and strong army is finally close to defeating the Eurasians Those who for years have been trying to take away our food supplies our clothes our children Those who many years ago with ungood reasons sacked and destroyed our cities and raped our wives and enslaved our children because of their endingless hunger and jealousy Those who we call barbarians because they are evil in the soul and are corrupted to the heart and are consumed to the bones by a cruel and egoistic beast called capitalism This is something we are fighting to destroy and eliminate from the face of the Earth Anyone who has ever been in contact with such a beast needs to be sent to the joycamps and cured in the miniluv In addition as you all know Ingsoc invented airplanes thinkpol pencils shoes and print and it is thanks to its inventions together with my predictions and strategies that all this progress has been made and the percentage of poverty has fallen to a doubleplus low number Let me ask you a question comrades

Do you by any chance know why the enemy has all of the Party s inventions Its spies who have infiltrated in our community stole them and are still stealing them now They are being sent by their government in hope to find a way to become more like us wealthier But they have failed and now is time for them to pay for the injustices they committed Now because of the doubleplus big of our determination we still want to give you more comrades and this will only be possible by winning this bloody endless war All of the things you love were once threatened by the enemy but there is no need to fear Recall what the slogan says ignorance is strength We are stronger and more ignorant than we have ever been and with these two things we can finally win under my lead and wisdom but not only we can do the impossible I had a dream that will change the fate of the war I have seen the next offensive plan of Eurasia I have seen that you will move mountains and seas to fight the Eurasians I have seen that this is the time we are not only going to defeat them but destroy them In the next couple of days in fact the Eurasian Higher Command will try to surprise our troops by launching an offensive in North Africa and by leaving South India alone rectify South India and by leaving North Africa alone rectified version but this will not happen 

We will surround them attack their troops from above with our brand new helicopters and airplanes and make them suffer with chemical weapons and rocket bombs Trust me they will suffer the pains of hell I have seen it and I ve seen that this is the time when once and for all South India will finally be part of Oceania I personally will order our generals to kill the weak and skinny soldiers and bring here the remaining to hang them for your joy and their humiliation If there is anyone out there who still doubts the power of our nation who still wonders about the truth of the slogan War is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength who still questions my strength and the effectiveness of my predictions I want to remind them of the last time when I said we would destroy the enemy s base camp in the Middle East and their soldiers will beg us to spare them I know I will be right this time too We have to remind them who is the ruling power in the world I haven t got one doubt on your courage and strength but I ask you to have faith in Ingsoc and in doublethink Black is white and white is black Have the ability to believe it Be one of us and show your willingness to be loyal The Party has been developed by men that knew their duty and had the courage to take decisions and you need to have faith in them as you always did Follow our trusted generals because today today you are going to war you are going into war with your opponent and you are going into war with yourself with your spirit and soul You shall not be scared because you are prepared and trained for battle you are with the Party and the Party is with you The Party is watching you I am watching you You are not weak You will face ten thousand men and you will defeat them all Focus on the enemy and do not lose sight of that not today and not tomorrow Repeat after me doublethink hatred determination and fire burn inside me We will win the war

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