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On April 15 1452 an inventor was born that would change everything that would happen from there on forth This man was Leonardo da Vinci the Renaissance Man the mother of the Mona Lisa He was a botanist the study of nature writer mathematician artist anatomist the study of the human body Da Vinci was born in Vinci Italy where he would spend the first five years of life with his mother Caterina in Anchiano a village near Vinci It is said that Leonardo da Vinci was sent to live with his father Ser Piero at the age of five in 1457 There is also a castle there that has replicas of Leonardo's inventions and holds the nickname of Ship Castle Many believe that da Vinci was surrounded by many inventors and inventions even though he was only alive during the mid 1500's and early 1600 s there was also many things that happened during his lifetime such as the Wars of the Roses through 1455 and 1487 Also in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the New World and during 1508 through 1512 Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel He was alive during the Renaissance rebirth in French where he was influenced by the classical scholarships and values Europe witnessed the Renaissance which included the substation of the Copernican system of astronomy to the Ptolemaic system 

The feudal system of the Middle Ages declined and the growth of commerce and invention and art surfaced Da Vinci was superior during this time that he rose from the rest and he managed to make us talk about him today and we still talk about him as if he is the king of the world Around the world people know about Leonardo da Vinci though information about his loved ones family and friends are hard to find though we were able to find out that da Vinci s mother whose name was Caterina was a peasant woman

Also his Father was a notary who worked for royalty And during his birth he was announced as an illegitimate child since his parents were an out of wedlock couple Even though he was like this he still continued to thrive in his surroundings and also become the famous writer mathematician artist anatomist and botanist he is known as today Nowadays many people ponder what Leonardo da Vinci was interested in Though there are many things Leonardo da Vinci was interested in such as writing math art anatomy the study of the human body botany the study of nature music and geology Da Vinci has created many inventions though I like to believe that his tank or armored car is the most famous one today Though the history behind it is better than the invention itself When Ludovico Sforza Duke of Milan had patronage over da Vinci da Vinci had written this to him I can make armored cars safe and unassailable which will enter the closed ranks of the enemy with their artillery and no company of soldiers is so great that it will not break through them And behind these our infantry will be able to follow quite unharmed and without any opposition he had also made the exterior based on a turtle shell he had also intentionally flawed the design so it would never be used since it was too dangerous he had made the tank to shoot 360 degrees so it would fatally blow the enemy many people did not know about the tank being one of his many test inventions after 

Da Vinci wrote the letter to Ludovico Sforza he had accepted Leonardo and asked if he could make the tank for him and he then made it for the duke of Milan Many people have thought that Da Vinci had some inspiration Though out of the two inspirations one was from nature a turtle shell to figure out the outer part so it will be protected against enemy fire And the other inspiration was to help the military even though he was a passive resister a person who is against war and violence which is also called brutality and warfare Anemometer Glider Helicopter Aerial Screw Parachute 33 Barreled Organ Tank Armored Car Giant Crossbow Triple Barrel Cannon these are all things the great mind Leonardo Da Vinci has invented All of these inventions have changed da Vinci s life by making the most famous inventor from 1452 through 1519 Anemometer used for measuring the speed of wind Glider it works by using the air to repel it up and down Helicopter da Vinci thought that with enough rotation the helicopter will lift of the ground Parachute it works by using the air resistance to pull it down safely 33 Barreled Organ works by using a revolving framework so it can use the three rows of calibers each time the other one was fired Tank works by using eight different men rotating the two cranks on the inside and they also use the men to fire the cannons placed around the rim of the tank Giant Crossbow it was cranked back on the strings and then used a mallet to smash the block in the middle of the crossbow Triple Barrel Organ it is like the 33 Barrel Organ though only with three barrels

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