Essay Example on This paper discuss about the use of literature as a popular technique for Teaching









Introduction This paper discuss about the use of literature as a popular technique for teaching both basic language skills i e reading writing listening and speaking and language areas i e vocabulary grammar and pronunciation Many people consider literature as a separate subject that has nothing to do with language learning But the problems faced in teaching foreign languages forced the teachers to find out and new methods and techniques There are several benefits that a language learner can derive from the literature English language teaching plays a vital role in the skill of communication to acquire jobs There is a difference between teaching about the language and communicating in the language Many teachers believe that teaching about the language will make the learners capable to use the language for communication In fact there is often a great gap between knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge in terms of communication 

Teaching language through literature can make the other language learners to solve the problem of relevant vocabulary for social communication link language and culture through literature develops their skills reading writing listening and speaking English literature has the supremacy over language learning Short stories can be used for enhancing students language skills The short story is one of the most suitable literary genres to use in English teaching is supported by Collie and Slater they listed four advantages of using short stories for language teachers First short stories are practical as their length is long enough to cover entirely in one or two class sessions Second short stories are not complicated for students to work with on their own Third short stories have a variety of choice for different interests and tastes Finally short stories can be used with all levels beginner to advance all ages young learners to adults and all classes READING Short stories are very useful to improve students vocabulary and reading This activity helps students to learn more vocabulary and it also teaches them how to use a dictionary This could happen because when students read they interact with the text By interacting with the text they interpret what they read By interpreting what they read they can work towards speaking English more creatively WRITING In writing short story can be a powerful and motivating source By writing students tend to re improvise the story its content theme organization and style Literature helps students to write more creatively Teachers can create a variety of writing activities to help students to develop their writing skills They can ask students to write dialogues or more complex writing activities if students have reached a high level of language proficiency 

SPEAKING LISTENING Oral reading dramatization creativeness role playing rebuilding and discussion are some effective learning activities which center on a short story class and it can be used for enhancing these two skills Asking students to read story aloud can develop their speaking as well as listening skills Moreover it also leads to improving pronunciation To develop listening skill using a short story teachers can read the story out loud so students have the opportunity to listen to a native speaker of English play the story if a recording is available Teaching Foreign Language Literature to non native speaking students is not always an easy task Language teaching is a process whose aim changes not only from country to country and culture to culture but from individual to individual The students can be told of literary terms and the meanings of words and can be finally asked to analyze the subject of literary piece Apart from short stories another technique called Simple Story Telling may also be used for improving the students oral English The idea of using plays may also result in good communication Plays are always a good choice for beginners They can be rather short compact and emotionally involving The students can also be guided into visualizing the plays as they read the text into imagining how a character would say a certain line Thus they can have a sense of participation clippings articles photographs or any other material that they felt characterized and present their materials to class After this exercise they will be able to feel more ease and communicate better Students should be asked to bring their own contributions to class newspaper Conclusion Learning a language through literature can induce desire in the students to make reading as a habit There is no denying the fact that literature plays a vital and stimulating role in the acquisition of language it also helps us in developing language skills among the non native learners of English and helping them to use language for communicative purposes in the real world Literature is a very enjoyable resource to learn a language Literature is a good resource for increasing word power It encourages critical and creative thinking It makes the students aware of various human situations and conflicts

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