Essay Example on This study was to show how important the clean Water









The purpose of this study was to show how important the clean water and the clean sanity for us to live Clean water as we know is something that really important for us to drink wash or any other things Every people in this world also needs a good sanitation because many people in this world died because of the unclear water that also contains a lot of chemicals People drink chemical can cause so many illnesses Food security income options and educational opportunities for poor families around the world are the impacts of low quality of water and insufficient sanitation The world needs water not only human but also the plants and animals only can live with water The United Nations creating a program named SDGs Sustainable Development Goals and added clean water and sanitation to one of the most important things to change in this world We only got 5 years to achieve a clean water and safe sanitation for all and the world also needs us to fix the problems Because of that we should work really hard to make this all happen to make a better world for us and for our future 

One Drop for One Life to Live The Fullest We all need a clean water and also safe toilets Clean water as we know is used for many things and is a very important thing in life Because who in the world can live this world without water Why is the water so important for our life Because according to research every person in the world needs water to eat drink and simply keeping themselves hygiene least 20 to 50 liters of clean and safe water a day 1 water is also an obvious need for hydrating and food producing and also a good sanitation also needs a good water to use What is the meaning of clean water and sanity The United Nations says that important part of activities is clean and accessible water for everyone Actually there is still enough water to through it But caused by poverty and difficulty accessing water every year millions of people die from diseases associated with insufficient water supply sanitation and hygiene 2 Heading 1 Why is it a problem Why are the dirty water and unsafe sanity is a problem for us First of all we all need a clean water for doing our daily basics and the most important one is for drinking we can't live without a water to drink because we can be die of dehydration Drinking a dirty water can also bring a lot of sickness like dysentery 

Dirty water is one of the most deadly threats for children as an example in Afghanistan more than 40 percent of child deaths are due to diarrhea and acute respiratory infection Heading 2 Government Policies to Solve Dirty water and Poor Sanitation Thousands of children in this world die because of diarrhea that's all caused by dirty water and poor sanitation Provides ease of access to effective sanitation clean drinking and education on the importance of healthy lifestyle are some of the most cost effective ways of achieving real results in soundness So the government creates these policies to minimize children's death because of water disease 1 Easing access to clean drinking water Usually people in the city are easier to get clean water But for those who live in rural areas the difficulty in accessing clean water is still quite high Most of the people suffering from diarrhea illnesses and are unable to work in the countryside they lost their productive time

Government will focus help towards rural areas Government is helping millions people gain access to clean water this is happening in Tasmania That is why in the Democratic Republic of Congo we will get clean water closer to the homes of another 6 million girls mums and families by building standpipes and pumps in and around villages 3 2 A dependable source of water In developing countries some of which are remote areas engineers and plumbers are very far away So the government will also help the societies to manage the pumps and pipework that deliver it Based on this policy millions of more people across the country will get a new water supply providing societies with wells along with the skills they need to maintain them 4 Heading 3 The Fact 12 July 2017 New York 2 1 billion insufficiency access to safe readily available water at home and 6 in 10 deficiency safely managed hygiene according to WHO and UNICEF The Joint Monitoring Programme JMP report Improvement of clean water sanitation and hygiene via Sustainable Development 

Goal providing the world s first assessment of safe drinking water and sanitation services Safe water sanitation and hygiene at home should not be a privilege of only those who are rich or live in urban centers said WHO Director General These are some of the most basic requirements for human health and all countries have a responsibility to ensure that everyone can access them Since 2000 the community has been given access to drinking water and sanitation services But there are still plenty of clean water and sanitation facilities For example in public areas such as Hospital and School clean water is still a rare item that s why many children are affected by diarrhea Not only cause diarrhea poor sanitation will also cause other diseases such as cholera dysentery hepatitis A and typhoid Safe water effective sanitation and hygiene are critical to the health of every child and every community and thus are essential to building stronger healthier and more equitable societies said Anthony Lake Executive Director UNICEF As we improve these services in the most disadvantaged communities and for the most disadvantaged children today we give them a fairer chance at a better tomorrow 5

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