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Phobias are very common especially among the medical Field

Phobias are very common especially among the medical field And all phobias are not the same People have different phobias such as blood phobia injury phobia needle phobia and more Some people are even afraid of hospitals While hospitals symbolize the most beautiful aspects of humankind it also represents illness infirmity and even death Stuff F O 2016 This shows that hospital is not somewhere they would like to stay or make a living out of According to Lecher C 3 to 4 percent of people suffer from blood phobia or related disorder When a hemophobia or blood phobia see blood their blood pressure and heart rate will rise then drop Lecher C 2013 Hemophobia can often be associated with other types of phobia like needle phobia People who suffer from hemophilia usually have the tendency to faint in sight of blood Like most other cases of phobia hemophilias can also connect to any traumatic event that may have occurred during childhood with an individual EPainAssist T 2016 

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Factors that Influence Income Inequality

BACKGROUND OF STUDY There are many researches done to investigate or study the factors that influence income inequality Based on this research by using different conceptual and methodology framework it will focus on determine the factors that will impact income inequality in Malaysia Income inequality generally can be defined as the unequal distribution of household or individual income across the various participants in an economy Other than that income inequality also can be defined as the people's positions related to other characteristic such as whether or not they have a disability or whether their ethnic background In Malaysia there is a multi ethnic society with three major ethic groups Malay Chinese and Indians Income distribution show dramatic differences among ethnic of Malaysia between rural and urban subgroups that leads income inequality rate risen every years Commonly high income inequality rate leads to social and economic problems in the community as a whole For example poor people have worse health than the rich people because poor people not enough money to get better healthcare or children do not perform as well at school as those of affluent families Commonly the way to measure income inequality is a ratio called the Gini Coefficient Gini Coefficient is measure of income inequality across the whole of society into single number between 0 and 1 rather than simply comparing different income groups With a scale of 0 and 1 a value of 0 means everyone in the society has the same wealth while a value of 1 means one person has everything and no one else has anything The higher the number the greater the scale of income inequality Based on this research do the other factor such as inflation rate INF foreign direct investment FDI gross domestic product GDP and education level EDU give impact on income inequality in positively or negatively way The relationship between income inequality inflation rate foreign direct investment gross domestic product and education level will briefly explain in the literature review 1

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Helicopter Parenting is A Crash and Burn

Helicopter Parenting is A Crash and Burn Modern parents have the ability to know their child's whereabouts traveling speed and even internet usage at any given moment This technology is envied by similar parents of the past that desired to be involved in every aspect of their children's lives Parents employ these techniques solely in the name of wellbeing for the child but it can bring more malice than benefits This practice of overparenting strips children of their individual development and provokes many emotional and behavioral issues that are uncovered in adulthood Overparenting also known as helicopter or smother parenting occurs when a primary relative takes it upon his or her self to micromanage the life of their child The parent is wildly intrusive and involved in the child's life and judges themselves based on the success of their children This breaching of adolescent independence seeps into all aspects of the child's life but it is especially prevalent in educational activities Sullivan A helicopter parent can be seen knowing all the names numbers and email addresses of the child's teachers friends and coaches and is always searching pursuing hunting for the information on how their child is interacting with such people These parents push their kids to be overly involved in multiple activities in hope that it will give them a better resume for college or work In extreme cases the American Bar Association claims that it has come to children being forced to acquire legal restraining orders in order get their parents to stop constantly pestering them and controlling their lives Sullivan Although it has been repeatedly proven that parental involvement has a positive association with academic achievement it is the excessive contacting and probing that create prolonged detrimental effects Mailhot Like most parents helicopter parents only desire the best for their children However they often maintain such a high level of control over the child that they end up taking away many wholesome aspects of a person s younger years that shape a child into a capable readied individual Children who have over controlling parents report higher levels of psychological and social dysfunction when transitioning to adulthood This is compared to children with more relaxed parents of which report a well developed sense of independence and are better behaved Gladwell 107

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